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Finding the best online yoga classes that meet your needs is crucial with the all current restrictions we have in various parts of the world. Having 7 yoga classes online to choose from gives you so many options.

With all the lockdowns we have getting to a real class can be difficult. Also getting to class in a rush can be counter productive, it makes doing yoga in the first place seem pointless. Other times, it may be that you haven’t found a class where you feel comfortable or an instructor who makes you feel supported. For some of the new person to yoga, learning the asanas in a class setting can be overwhelming.


Fortunately due to YouTube and the Internet, there’s now a wide variety of online yoga classes for you to choose, making it much easier to find something that works for you and your needs.

When you can roll out your mat, click play, and start your flow, fitting yoga into your daily life becomes much easier when a yoga instructor who teaches classes on a Laptop or a big screen. The real benefits of yoga, from increased flexibility to reduced stress sink in when you develop a consistent program. With online yoga, we can take as many classes as we all need that work for us.

Finding your favorite instructor is easier. Because there is such an array of yoga offerings on the internet, you’d be amazed to see the diversity of instructors that are available with different areas of expertise. “There are so many wonderful yoga teachers out there. Once you find your favorite teacher, there’s a good chance you’ll want to continue with the practice

Some online yoga sites allow you to stream classes with a friend. You can be you, whether you feel intimidated in yoga classes, haven’t found a welcoming community, or simply just want to be alone, online classes can help create a safe place to just be in your own self,

Are you ready to give online yoga a try? you’ll find the best 7 online yoga classes you can do right now, no matter how advanced you are.

1 Yoga Anytime

This company has thousands of yoga classes of various styles and levels. Each grouped by themes (or what they call “shows”). For example, you can explore “The Happy Back Show” or the “Yoga for Trauma Show,” where there are seasons that contain sequential episodes walking you through targeted yoga flows. If you’re looking to stay more consistent, the season/episode format may motivate you to follow a program that builds on itself, eventually reaching an end. Want to jump into a 30-day yoga challenge? Looking for a six-week beginner yoga course? Yoga Anytime—which is $18 per month—definitely has what you are looking for.

2 Gaia

The Gaia Channel is known for presenting well-known teachers, researchers, and lecturers from around the globe, including Rondey Yee (a renowned yogi). Because of this, when you subscribe to Gaia, you’re not just getting on-demand yoga classes; you’re getting access to various video series and documentaries about yoga, which delve into the theory behind various forms. So, if you want to blend your movement practice with study, the Gaia Channel can satisfy your curiosity. You can start watching and following along for $11.99 a month.


Glo is another platform that has thousands of videos to choose from. It has 16 styles of yoga like beginner vinyasa, prenatal, and kundalini. If you have a friend with you, try their partner classes (a rare online yoga find!). Glo also has an extensive live schedule if you’re really missing the studio vibe and want to follow along in real time. Members pay $18 a month to access the vast amount of content on its site. It’s hard to get bored with Glo since there is so much to explore.

4 Daily Burn

Okay, who doesn’t like to take advantage of free trials? If you like to try things before you fully commit to them, Daily Burn has a generous offering: 30 days free before you paying $10 a month. That’s a great deal, considering the 30 different categories to choose from. You can even personalize your practice by answering a questionnaire that will lead you to classes that fit your needs and time availability.

5 DoYogaWithMe

For more experienced yogis who are looking to master challenging poses, this site can help you get there. It has a section called “Peak Poses” that feature instructors guiding you on how to improve your wheel, get into flying pigeon, or stay still in a headstand. Of course, it offers a variety of classes, from beginner to advanced, if you prefer a to switch up your levels. You can try DoYogaWithMe for free with 2-month trial (amazingly long, we know). After that access costs $10 a month.

5 DoYogaWithMe

YogaWorks At Home has on-demand, pre-recorded yoga classes, but its 30+ live classes per day really makes it stand out. In some cases, doing classes live can help keep you more accountable to stay with the pace and concentrate on being present for that 10-60 minutes you are committed to being on the mat. If that’s more your jam, YogaWorks is for you. Just note that the live option price is a bit steep at $49 a month. But there’s an option to just roll with the on-demand videos at $19 per month.

7 Yoga International

Yoga For The Whole Family

So many yoga sites will feature the same model-esque teachers doing mind-bending (and body-bending) postures and poses. That vibe can feel very unwelcoming, especially for those who are new to the practice. Yoga International features over 500 teachers of different shapes, sizes, ages, and cultural backgrounds. The teachers are diverse in their areas of expertise, too.

You’ll find yoga therapy, athlete recovery, Yoga Tune Up, and more. For $20 a month, you’ll gain access to their courses, podcasts, and other content as well as an option to stream with your friends.


With all the available yoga class options I have just mentioned above. This will leave you no excuses for you not do a class right now.

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