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Hello everyone welcome to my yoga website called Yogarjuna. Yoga Is My Passion In Life.

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My Journey

Many years ago I commenced my yoga journey, due to a lower back complaint.

I decided to see a chiropractor, who suggested i take up swimming to ease my back pain.

I went down to my local swimming pool which had recently upgraded to a full gym, with specialised fitness classes one being yoga.

I started swimming at first, i soon realised it was not for me. I started yoga classes and loved it straight away, within 6 months my back was stronger due to a strengthing core.

Let Me Help You

Yoga helped me in many ways, it improved my quality of life.

If i can interest anyone in trying yoga, and hoping they enjoy it as much as me i would be happy.

The Goal Of This Site Is To Help People With Yoga

To communicate with like minded people and share experiences.

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If you ever need a hand, or have ay questions please leave a comment  below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,Shane Lacey


Shane Lacey,


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