Beginners Yoga For Men

Beginners Yoga for men is interesting subject for me in many ways for me because I was once in this situation.

In my early classes there was mostly women practicing Yoga.

Occasionally their were other men in my class but in general I was the only male for many years.

In my early Yoga practice my teacher was a Male from Sri Lanka, who had been taught Yoga from his mother as a child.

I have spoken before about him in a, previous blog.

In the main I found their were more women teachers and of course more women practicing Yoga.

Which is understanable and as with anything you can learn so much from everybody it is irrelevant whether male or female.

Whether men thought Yoga was an easy activity, not to sure, back when I first started back 17 years ago it may have been the case.

The Times Have Changed:

They have changed a little bit over time, more men are doing yoga than before.  Which is a good thing of course.

Let’s be honest I found myself and other men in the class were quite inflexible, in many ways especially, those hips.

Attitudes have changed over time, maybe it is just the sheer volume of classes available in the fitness centres, that the men now have a practice of yoga.

Like me they find yoga to be extremely challenging both to mind and body.

Why Men Should Do Yoga:

Despite yoga being a worldwide phenomenon.

Yoga is still regarded more of a women’s domain.

This is unfortunate as yoga is a fantastic activity for everyone, it actually helps with issues that concern men.

It is a fantastic workout that balances mind and body.

Yoga focus on the breathing, relaxation and proper body movements and has far reaching benefits in the long term.

If you believe yoga is easy, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Increases flexibility:

Men build muscle quicker than women, and concentrate more on building muscle mass their range of movement is hindered.

So I would say in my experience having dealt with weight and yoga at the same time.

It is a great idea to incorporate both at the same time.

Sort of like Ying and Yang,  good flow is essential in this hurley burley world we live in today.

Best Poses For Men:

These poses will be focusing on the hips, as we are generally tighter in this area than women.

Flexible, strong hips help support your spine and improve moving around easier.


Lay flat on your back.

Bend your knees and bring the soles of your feet together, then let your feet splay open and drop your knees to the floor, releasing your hips.

Rest your arms out to the sides away from your body.

Stay in this pose for as long as comfortable say about 5 minutes longer if possible.

A good time to close your eyes and breath through the nose, bit like a meditation type pose.

 HIP STRETCH: Hip stretch                    

Sit on the floor with legs outstretched.

Bend your right knee and rest it on floor away from your hips.

Bring your left foot to rest on the right knee, and the left knee to rest on your foot.

Lean forward for a few breaths and then repeat on the other side.

You may find you are not as flexible one side to the other I did find this was the situation for me.


Stand in mountain pose then bend your right leg, placing your right foot against your left thigh.Tree Pose

Move your right knee back to open your hip. Keep the muscles of your left leg engaged.

Balance your body weight to the centre.

Place your hands in prayer position you can also raise your arms above your head with palms together their is a few variations of this pose.

Whatever you feel comfortable with, is best.

Repeat on the other side while breathing through the nose.

This is a challenging pose you may want to start with the leg that is being raised lower to the ground maybe the calf or even lower until you find your balance.

Final Analysis:

I will begin with saying this is only a few poses that can help with opening the hips.

Yoga itself is a great workout for all the body and especially the mind.

Yoga stretching will help with flexibility.

Yoga lengthens the muscle were a weights program will shorten the muscle making you body very tight.

Yoga will give you better definition in your muscles a leaner look.

You will have fewer injuries because of your flexibility will have improved.So less chance of lost time in your workout.

Yoga can be incorporated in to your warm up and cool down.

You can also try a regular yoga class if you have the time as the health benefits will be beneficial to you.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this post or this site in general.

I will answer all the comments on my website personally so drop me a line below if you have any Yoga questions or comments.

I’m happy to help any way that I can.

copywrightNamaste Shane.


Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.

8 thoughts on “Beginners Yoga For Men”

  1. I agree that it seems women are the most crowd in every Yoga class that I’ve ever attend or see, but I feel that both men and women can practice yoga. I have attended yoga class occasionally and it make my limbs sore. Thank you for telling the basic yoga poses for men. Maybe I should practice with these poses before attempting to take a real yoga class 🙂

    • Thank You for reading my article. 

      I agree 100% that both male and female should participate in Yoga. 

      I am saying more men should do it. 

      Just keep practicing is the best thing to do. 

      Regards Shane.

  2. Dear Shane,

    Thanks a lot for another helpful and informative post. Every single time I read an article of yours I learn so much new stuff!

    I am from India and yoga is very popular here. You are right, men are interested in doing yoga nowadays even youngster and children are showing great interest to learn yoga.

    Very recently I started doing yoga and it was on my to do list for years lol. Being a beginner your post means a lot to me and I got helpful insights from your post. You have provided valid reasons on why we need to do yoga.

    The poses you shared are very help and I am going to try it. The benefits you shared on Yoga is amazing and mind blowing which makes Yoga a must for everyone. I am bookmarking your post for future reference.

    Much Success!


    • Hello Paul, Thank You for your comments on Yoga. 

      I am happy you were able to get some benefits out of my article. 

      Yoga is for everyone no doubt about whatever age or persuasion. 

      Kind Regards Shane.

  3. I’ll be honest I have not tried yoga before, but I am open to trying it one day. As i get older I’m starting to realize my body doesn’t move like it used to. I’m no longer very flexible, and I feel like yoga could possibly help me out.

    You have been doing yoga for quite some time now. What would be the best method for me to get started? I feel like if I would go to a yoga studio I would get laughed out of the place. I know that it wouldn’t happen, but I feel like I should be better aquatinted before showing up.

    • Hello David,

      Thank You for your comments.

      You certaintly could do some fairly basic strecthing to start with as Yoga is alot more than just being flexible.

      I would suggest you try a class under supervision. 

      I think you would find the Yoga teacher and most people who are interested in Yoga are not that judgemental.

      If they are which i would be suprised to hear. 

      I would go to another studio. 

      Regards Shane.

  4. Hello, Shane and thanks for this introduction to yoga for beginners.  Yoga exercises have been in the background as an idea but I have never really considered making it a part of my daily life.  And I don’t know if it would be something I could do now as I am 70 years old.

    Is this a good exercise for older people to do as well?  Is it something I should consider?

    I have some lower back issues and some issues in my neck as well.  Neither are debilitating so I am active with walking every day.  Would a lighter form of these exercises be better and should I get Doctors approval first?

    As these are beginner exercises,  I don’t think I have the flexibility to do the “Hip Stretch”.  Is that something that one would work towards?

    Sorry for all the questions.  I just don’t want to do something that would aggravate my existing, all be it small, issues.

    This is something I would consider even just to keep me moving better.


    • Hello Wayne, 

      Thank You for all the questions. 

      You can begin Yoga at any age i would suggest you begin a gentle type of Yoga to start with.

      Best to go at your own pace. 

      I would speak to your Yoga teacher before class and mention your issues with them. 

      Seeing a Doctor before partaking in any physical activity is always a good idea. 

      Kind Regards Shane.


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