Benefits Of Chair Yoga For Seniors

In a previous post I touched on the benefits of chair yoga I will go in to more detail this time. This form of yoga will become more prevalent within an aging population. In comparison to many forms of exercise, the benefits of Chair Yoga far outweigh the risks.

The therapeutic exercises work the body, from head to toes, to the best of any client’s ability. Therefore, the method used, addresses the whole body in a single routine.

This is an amazing feat, for a low-impact exercise program, where the average session lasts 45 to 60 minutes. The following information will highlight some of the many benefits of regular participation in a Chair Yoga class. Increased circulation is a result of movement and every body part that can move is used in a typical Chair Yoga class.

For many of us, we think of cardiovascular heath first, and this is right fully so. Chair Yoga helps many other forms of circulation, within the body, as well.

Move It Or Lose It:

To sit still for days on end, we invite diseases of many kinds. Diabetics need movement to keep sugar levels in tolerance zones. Chair Yoga also has routines for the feet, toes, hands, and fingers, so there is no part of the body left out. Due to this whole body approach, the immune system is also stimulated by regularly attending Chair Yoga classes.

The many movements, bending, and twisting, in a regular Chair Yoga session, stimulate the elimination of toxins, within the body. Every time you bend the waist in one direction or another, the stomach aids in digestion and the lower back is gently stimulated.

Now, Back to Cardiovascular Benefits:

There seems to be a lot of confusion about what is classified as aerobic exercise. One of the definitions for aerobic exercise is. Any exercise that would increase circulatory and respiratory ability.

When the heart and lungs have to work harder to keep up with the body’s need for oxygen that is aerobic. In fact, gardening and housework are also aerobic exercise that most seniors routinely do.

This is not to say that gardening and housework are complete health maintenance systems. They do burn over 200 calories per hour, for the average person, and meet the aerobic definition.

No Pain No Gain:

Much of this mentality stems from the No pain No gain era. Most of the original advocates of this theory are now nursing their own wounds and practicing gentler forms of exercise.

After all, none of us are immortal, and the body can only take so much abuse over time. May I remind anyone, who is left standing, from the No pain No gain era, that walking is also classified as aerobic exercise.

So, whether you walk or run a mile, aerobic benefits are gained and significant calories are burned.

Poor Posture:

We have all heard the saying, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Those words are extremely profound, when thinking about correcting poor posture and alignment.

It takes years to create poor alignment. Therefore, poor posture cannot be corrected in a single day. A more appropriate saying, when thinking about posture and alignment might be.

The leaning tower of Pisa cannot become straight in a week. However, improvements to posture can be made through Chair Yoga exercises and through daily posture awareness.

Sequence Of Poses

Time away from the Yoga class is when you put the principles you have learned, in motion, and adapt them into your lifestyle. I cannot promise Chair Yoga is a cure all, but you will see improvements in every aspect of your life.

However, practicing your homework separates the fantastic success stories from those who see some modest improvement. So, what is posture awareness? This is taking the time to be aware of your posture, on a daily basis.

The first thing you want to do in order to open your awareness is look at your side profile in a mirror and any photographs of yourself. At this point, look at your spine from top to bottom.

Do you see slumping, forward tilting of the neck, or extra large curves? Your spine should be aligned so that it is fairly straight at all times. During a number of daily activities such as.

Standing, walking, reading, eating, sitting, lying, typing, and more, you should make a conscious effort, to keep your head and back straight. Now, we can all remember a schoolteacher who preached, keep your back straight, but now we know that he or she was absolutely correct.

Take the time to adjust your spinal alignment, from this moment on, and every time you can remember to do so.

Chair yoga pose stretch

Try To Educate Yourself:

If possible, you should also attend any workshops about Chiropractic and Orthopedic medicine.

Educate yourself about your body, your spine, and your choices.

You can usually find these workshops and many more valuable meetings at your local senior center.

These workshops are usually free, you are under no obligation, and it makes for a good Fact finding mission. The alignment and posture principles, you learn in a Chair Yoga class, can be as simple as, Pain or no pain.

Flexibility is considered to be a by product of Yoga practice, but in the case of Chair Yoga, it is often down played or taken for granted. Since most Chair Yoga enthusiasts are seniors, the true value of flexibility is mobility.

Dependence Or Independence:

When you consider that mobility for seniors can be the difference between dependence and independence, flexibility is now of extreme value. The average mobile senior citizen is much more flexible in the hips, spine, wrists, and shoulders, than his or her dependent counterpart.

Students in Chair Yoga classes learn a variety of exercises that will free up many of the major joints. Many students also remark how pain, from a variety of ailments, is much more manageable, after practicing Chair Yoga.

Increased range of motion makes a difference, when reaching for anything. It also helps to prevent injuries that can occur from strain or a possible fall. If a senior falls, there is certainly the potential that the results could be life threatening.

Fine Balance:

Chair Yoga offers a significant number of balancing exercises. Although balance can be affected by medication, inner ear problems, and more. Many seniors show much improvement in balancing their bodies within weeks of their first Chair Yoga class.

Therefore, flexibility and balance are a significant part of an injury prevention package that can improve, or enhance, the quality of life for seniors. This fact has been realized by seniors who flock to Chair Yoga classes on a daily, or weekly, basis.

Physical Conditioning:

Most of us realize that physical conditioning is not the only factor involved in dependence. There are a number of disabling diseases that can affect any one of us and have nothing to do with lack of flexibility.

Lack of flexibility is not the single overriding factor involved in independence for seniors. However, it is a fact that less mobile, and frail, seniors will become confined.

Hence, most seniors should make an effort to stay flexible, for what is ultimately their own dignity at stake. You could look at your physical condition as an insurance policy for independent living. After all, who really wants to impose on their children or relatives for the sake of existence?

Yoga Is Recommended:

Chair Yoga can easily work in harmony with most physical rehabilitation prescriptions. Many physical therapists have knowledge of Yoga or are teachers of Yoga.

Many doctors, physical therapists, and medical professionals recommend Yoga to patients who are making a come back. Yoga gives these patients the strength to move ahead, when many would be discouraged.

Muscle tone is a result of stretching and flexing any muscle group. Active muscles display themselves on anybody that chooses to use them. This is also a good way to relieve oneself of anxiety, stress, tension, and prevent depression.

Like the other benefits, previously mentioned, this results in whole body health. A healthy body does, indeed, compliment a healthy mind.

Weight Bearing Exercises:

For those clients’ who are confined to a chair, it is wise to include some form of a weight bearing, or weight resistance, exercise program.

For those who can stand, Chair Yoga is another weight bearing exercise that will stimulate bone building. With progressive weight resistance, you use free weights or machines, but with Yoga you bear your own body weight.

The end result of these exercise programs would be increased bone density and prevention of Osteoporosis. Seniors spend more time alone, than any other age group. Sometimes, we all need a little solitude.

Too much solitude can lead to depression, in some of us. Living life like a monk is not for everyone.

Social Side Of Things:

Chair Yoga classes offer a social activity that helps to stimulate the mind and body in a positive way.

This becomes an uplifting activity that participants look forward to.

Regular attendance, and socializing in Chair Yoga classes, is a healthy activity that leads to building strong relationships.

It also exposes seniors to the many activities that are going on within the community center. Participants of chair Yoga classes are exposed to whole health and gain a nutritional education as a member of a senior, community, or wellness center.


Lastly, all participants in Chair Yoga classes learn to relax and quieten the mind, through breath awareness, meditation, stage-by-stage relaxation, a combination, or another method.

The end result being that these Yoga students can control their minds, focus on the good things in life, and prevent depression.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this post or this site in general.

I will answer all the comments on my website personally so drop me a line below if you have any Yoga questions or comments.

I’m happy to help any way that I can.

copywrightNamaste Shane.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietitian before starting any fitness program or making any changes to your diet

14 thoughts on “Benefits Of Chair Yoga For Seniors”

  1. Hello Shane, this is the first time I am coming across this chair yoga and I’m very elated by my discoveries about it for the seniors especially. My dad just quit yoga due to carious complains concerning his spine and waist. Though he does try to maintain the exercises but it is obvious that his body cannot cope with such high tasking trainings again but seeing this article, he came to my mind straight up and I would be glad to share this with him. Thanks for the article and enlightenment

    • Hello Tracy, 

      Thank You, appreciate the comments. 

      Chair yoga would be a good alternative for your father to assist him with his complaints. 

      Best to find a teacher who holds classes close by. 

      Regards Shane.

  2. This is a great idea as a way to keep seniors active and flexible. Move it or lose it is true for everyone, but even more so as we age and naturally lose muscle. I feel like although this article is geared towards seniors, it’s a great way for most of us to sneak in a few moves throughout the day to help improve balance, posture, and overall physical conditioning. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Hello Aly, 

      Thank You for your comments. 

      I think you hit the nail on the head. 

      Chair yoga is good for all ages. 

      Perfect fot the office worker sitiing in a chair all day. 

      Regards Shane.

  3. Chair yoga? Wow, this is really good. You know, after reading your post sometime ago, I started taking some yoga classes and I told my mum about it but she feels its too demanding for her since she’s older but seeing now that there’s actually a convenient routine she can handle herself is nothing short of awesome. You said the routine focuses on all parts of the body and that is just perfect. I’ll tell her about it and see how she reacts to it. Thank you!

    • Hello Henderson, 

      Thank you for reading my post. 

      Happy to hear you are doing yoga. 

      Chair yoga would be perfect for your mum to do. 

      Regards Shane.

  4. Thank you for this great article. It’s great for seniors to engage in a chair yoga practice so they can maintain some physical strength and Mobility. Also you are right posture is very important and chair yoga is great for your posture. It is important to practice regularly and try to get into it and enjoy it. When you do things that keep you physically active then it helps all of your physical activities be easier because you will be in better shape.

    • Hi, 

      Appreciate the comments. 

      Chair yoga is great for seniors to get some flexibilty. 

      Chair yoga if practiced in a class enviroment can be a excellent social outing as well. 

      Regards Shane.

  5. Hi Shane, 

    This is the first time I heard about chair yoga which is I personally think is really recommendable to our senior citizens. Aside from, posture, balance and flexibility it develops, chair yoga can also give them support and assistance while doing the exercise. Is there any particular chair that should be used on this yoga? I like my mom to try it on just to improve her mobility. Her routine would just include cooking, watching tv, listening to radio programs, lying to bed, sitting for daily conversation. She doesn’t want to do aerobics because it’s hard for her to jump and kick. My sisters and I would encourage her to at least walk but she always have reasons to decline like she has no walking buddies of companion. I think chair yoga would work for her because it doesn’t require fast movements. Thank you for introducing this to us, readers. Hope to hear more of your yoga tips.

    • Hello, 

      Thank you for reading my post. 

      The one good thing about chair yoga is no special equipment is required. 

      Yoga in general is cost effective and most items required are available in the home if necessary. 

      Check with your local council for chair yoga activities. 

      Best to learn from a teacher for safety reasons. 

      Regards Shane. 

  6. Have you heard of Mathius Alexander?  The Alexander technique is also excellent for correcting posture.  I think it comes down to awareness, how aware are we of our posture.  Your Yoga technique also require awareness, and I am sure, with focus, results will be achieved. Awareness of the body and when pain thresholds are being crossed.  Low levels of pain over constant practice is probably ok right?  I have not practiced enough Yoga and my flexibility has dropped.  Becoming flexible again will require a lot of practice and a bit of pain I am sure.

    • Hello Aaron, 

      Thank You for taking the time to read my post. 

      Appreciate the comments.

      I have heard of the Alexander technique, but that is all.

      I know very little about it, i will take the the time to investigate more about it. 

      When practicing yoga there should be no pain.

      Practice yoga at a safe level is best.

      Regards Shane.

  7. Great post. My folks are 78 and 82 and although my mum is fairly active walking every day, my dad has had 2 knee operations over the last 2 1/2 years and it is taking him much longer to recover from the 2nd one. This kind of yoga sounds like something he could handle.

    I agree 100% with the sentiment healthy body, healthy mind. Though too often, we turn a blind eye to it. Sometimes seniors have to be encouraged or be part of a group to exercise. Classes involving chair yoga would be a great way to get started in regular stretching activity. Do you know where classes might be found?

    • Hello Peter,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post. 

      Appreciate the comments and questions. 

      Chair yoga would be an excellent idea for your father.

      Classes generally can be found through your local councils. 

      Regards Shane.


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