Benefits of Yoga and Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the essence of old Hindu techniques, which are based on the curing the diseases from the roots.

In Ayurveda, whole body is supposed as a mutually responding system.

A single part not responding well may cause a disturbance in all body.

Ayurveda works for the aim of complete health.

Allopathic techniques are based on the concept of sudden and instantaneous relief.

So often the patient get rid of his problem for a short period, but the origin of disease is not eliminated.

Finally there comes the probability in future for that origin to be worse.

Allopathic techniques uses antigen that introduces a chemical, heaving opposite effect of what the body is producing.

So there is always a risk with the power and supplied quantity of the drug.

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Natural Techniques:

On the other hand, Ayurvedic is based on natural and herbal techniques and supplements, which are 100% side effect free.

Ayurveda does not believe in antidotes and antigens, very rarely those techniques are used.

Ayurveda works not to suppress the system of body, but to go to the origin and cure the basic disturbing element.

In such treatments there are very low chances of side effect and the benefit of the body is forever.

It gives you a complete health treatment, which works on the complete body system so it makes you feel better in your entire body.

Eat Well:

If you eat 1 apple a day and one day suddenly eat 3, it will not cause any problem for you, but if you take 2 sleeping pills a day and one day you take 4, it will be dangerous.

Most of the supplements of Ayurveda are essence of fruits, vegetables and jadi-booties, which are natures gift to human.

Jadi-booties are some of the rarely found wild plants and fruits, which are very effective in some diseases.

In old age, students of Ayurveda were taught the classification of every single kind of plants exits; they used to give long time to find those jadi-buti in jungles, rocks & mountains.

In modern age of globalization some of the companies and groups are doing that work collectively, so now it is easy for us to use those techniques, which were once very costly even for the kings.

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Ayurveda Prevents:

Ayurveda works in all directions, it not only gives the body what it wants but it prevents harmful supplements.

The concept of Parheja, in Ayurveda, is the concept restricting the harmful food and supplements that disturbs the treatment.

Ayurvedic techniques are developed in ashramas of Hindu saints and researchers. This is the result of long time, generation-to-generation research work.

It is well tasted and well proven in the history of India that is one of the worlds oldest cultures, In modern age, when pollution and effects of intoxication are disturbing the systems of the body and a normal human is getting weaker due to luxurious life;

Ayurveda, along with yoga and exercises is the way to have a healthy body and a sound mind.

Learning about Benefits of Yoga and Ayurveda

Learning about Ayurveda:

It is the science of preventive health (take care of health so that disease does not get a chance to get in) and the living habits that check over indulgence in physical senses, going against conscience and natural resistance to the call of the soul (refusal to enjoy the present moment) .

Ayurvedic Treatment:

What if when someone is already ill ?

It deals with internal medicine (kayachikitsa), surgery (Shalyachikitsa), Treating eye,ear,nose and throat (shalakyachikitsa), Pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics treatment ( kaumarabhritya) and mental health (bhutavidya).

Learning about Benefits of Yoga and Ayurveda

Body Elements & Constitution (Prakriti):

There are five elements of which the human body is made up of : akasha (ether), Vayu (air), Agni (Fire), Jala (Water) and Prithvi (earth).

Because of the above five elements, all human beings are constituted with a combination of two or three primary ones.

Those are called body humours or Doshas: Kapha, Vata and Pitta.

Any person is easy to treat with the identification of his/her category.

Vata Category Is Combination of Space and Air Elements :

People are fearful, illogical and insecure.

Skin is dry.

They have thin hair.

They have dark brown or grey eyes.

Vata activates the nervous system, hearing and speech and the persons is a great enthusiast with creativity.

However, the state of his mind gets imbalanced easily because of which he gets diseases like insomnia, cramps and constipation.

Pitta Category Is Fire Element :

These people are achievers, intellectual, fiery, angry, judgemental, with clear voice and precise expression.

They have soft and fine hair.

Eyes are blue, grey and hazel.

They are good leaders and warm personality when healthy.

Because of emphasis on metabolism and anger, they suffer from acidity, ulcers and rashes and also thinning of hair occurs.

Kapha Category Is Water and Earth Element :

They have thick lustrous hair.

Eyes are blue or brown.

People have great endurance capacity with calm and steady mind. They are capable of forgiveness and intense love.

Sometimes they are greedy and possessive.

Kapha is the lubricant that keeps the joints working, keeps the body vibrant and balanced with immunity.

Too much of it leads to lethargy, congestion, allergies and weight gain.

Nature of Ailments:

After the Prakriti is decided, one should know the nature of the diseases (Vikriti).

It is imbalance obviously, but there are tow extremes to every imbalance, either deficiency or excess.

Those are heavy-light, slow-sharp, cold-hot, unctuous-dry, smooth-rough, solid-liquid, soft-hard, stable-mobile, subtle-gross, and non-slimmy-slimmy. When corrected, Prakriti or original constitution is restored.

These 20 characteristics that with regard to ones basic constitution will decide the treatment.

These may be caused by wrong foods causing improper digestion, wrong sleeping habits, improper mindset, anxiety etc.

The other type of ailment is clogging or blockage (Ama) for life energy to circulate for vitality.

When this is corrected, it produces energy, perfect immunity, physical strength and hence a general sense of bliss which is summarized in Ayurveda in one word called Ojas.

Herbs and minerals

Some Herbs and Minerals:

  • Malabar nut : bronchitis, asthma, boosting immune systems.
  • Bael : Digestive system
  • Garlic : lipids and cholesterol
  • Asparagus : Female reproductive system and lactation
  • Aloe Vera : Hair and skin treatment
  • Neem : blood purifier and anti-fungal treatment


Taking in to account all the benefits of Ayurveda we can expect a rise in the popularity of ayurvedic medicines in the forthcoming year.

Surveys have showed that many patients have received positive results from ayurvedic treatment, thus in a few years Ayurveda is sure to bring about a revolution in the field of medicines.

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Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietitian before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.


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  1. I’ve never done yoga but I’ve wanted to try.  I think this app is a good idea and then I can do yoga from home.  

    It’s great that you found yoga after suffering from back pain!  What a blessing to have an activity that you enjoy!

    Thanks for all your yoga related reviews and great info!

  2. Hi Shane~ Thanks for your informational article about Ayurveda! I love that it gets to the root of the imbalance/disease in a 100% natural way, rather than using a temporary “band-aid” with some chemical drug! I’ve never heard of jadi-booties before… I’m very intrigued to know what these are specifically! Can you share some with me?  Oh! & one more question… I’m definitely Pitta- FIRE… I’ve been told this before & now after reading this, realize for sure, that’s me~ Do you have any suggestions on something I should definitely include in my diet? (I’m vegan.) Thanks! 🙂

    • Hello Emerson,  

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post. 

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      Must say I had never heard of Jadi Booties myself. 

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