Best Ways to Meditate at Home

How can we meditate at home on our own In isolation. There are so many guided meditations online today. They are so easy to follow and can be a real game changer for one’s mental stability.

Meditation Is Important

Meditation is an important part of healing your body and spirit, but it can also be a great way to begin to heal your mind.

When you are depressed, the brain is generally having some chemical issues. For example, your neurotransmitters are lacking in the good thoughts; namely serotonin and norepinephrine.

Pharmaceuticals Wont Solve The Problem 

Many people are relying on antidepressants to get the job done and get those neurotransmitters working again, however, time and again studies have shown that many antidepressants, particularly SSRIs, can be dangerous and actually cause worse problems than they are trying to treat.

Fortunately, other studies have also found that meditation is a natural way to get those neurotransmitters working again.

By utilizing the power of meditation, our brains are able to naturally produce more of the feel good neurotransmitters so that we are better able to prevent and manage depression symptoms naturally.

Another great benefit of utilizing meditation as an antidepressant rather than using pills is that meditation is a fix that can last a lifetime, while with pills, there is always a risk that you will develop a dependency and find it difficult to survive without them.

It has served human kind for thousands of years and continues to be a very important resource to those who utilize it in their lives.

What many people don’t realize is that there are several types of meditation and that each one of them can help you in different ways.

Sticking to the type of meditation that works best for you can be important, but ultimately it can also be limiting.

Guided meditation is a great way for anyone who has never meditated before to get the hang of it and learn more about how it works.

It can give us something to think about and focus on while we get the hang of meditating.

Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts

If we find that we are having a very difficult time in getting out of our negative head space, listening to a guided meditation can be a great distraction.

Guided meditations can also be used to help us focus our minds on important things and specific goals and objectives that are meaningful to us.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of guided meditations with specific goals in mind.

If, for example, you wanted a meditation session to help you get the most out of your diet or work routine, you could probably search online and immediately find guided meditations that are tailored to that specific goal.

However, there are some negative aspects to becoming dependent on guided meditations.

When meditation was first introduced, it was generally considered a way to do important inner work.

Something that was best done alone. If you find it impossible to meditate without the help of someone else, then what is the point?

You are losing out on important opportunities to look deeply inward and learn how to gain insight into yourself without the help of someone else.

Meditation Is Generally a Personal Thing.

It is an act most effectively mastered on your own.

If you find yourself struggling to clear your mind and find a safe, peaceful place in your head without the help of someone else, you are missing out on one of meditation’s greatest benefits.

The chance to sit alone in deep, silent reflection and get intimately connected with yourself, good and bad.

And learning how to carve out a safe and sacred space where you can begin to feel relaxed and rejuvenated after dealing with a very draining world or situation.

Ultimately, no matter what type of meditation you are most comfortable with, you can find value and introspection in it.

Your thoughts and experiences are your own, and becoming more self-aware can happen with or without a guided meditation.

The best approach is to do what feels best to you, while still working on being able to access a safe and calm state of mind no matter where you’re at or whether you have a guided meditation to help you.

Some antidepressants can be so dangerous that trying to get yourself off of them can even cause you to feel suicidal.

Missing a day of meditation, however, will likely not have that effect. Meditation is a tool that we can always keep in our back pocket for when times get tough.

If we practice it often enough, it can help our minds to stay balanced and prevent us from having reactive emotional outbursts or other unwanted or extreme reactions to outside stimulus. We can better manage our emotions by looking more objectively at problems.

Meditation helps us to have a more balanced approach to stressful situations, which overall can be a huge boon to anybody who is prone to depression or already suffering from it.

There Are So Many Incredible Benefits to Meditation.

The fact that it can actually produce the chemicals in our brains that are lacking when we suffer from depression seems like a strong indication that we were meant to take time out of our day to reflect and seek out the solitude in our lives.

Most of us have an unhealthy tendency to fixate on the negativity; another fun aspect of the brain called the negativity bias. With meditation, we are better able to see the world with just enough objectivity to remain positive and continue working toward our goals.

This sense of motivation is crucial to people with depression. It can make all the difference between someone who is struggling to get out of bed in the morning and someone who is ready to tackle the next project and move their lives in the direction they want.

If you are someone who has ever struggled with depression, considering meditation as a way to help keep your brain regulated is a great option.

Finding a peaceful place can help you in more ways than you could count, so give it a try today!


With all the goings on the mind can do with a guided meditation to clear all the negativity in the world today and in to the future.

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful article explaining the many benefits of meditation. I feel as though meditation is often overlooked or even looked down upon by some because they don’t truly understand what it is or it’s benefits. It’s so wonderful to sit down and disconnect from the world for about 5-10 minutes every single day, or longer if you can fit that into your schedule, and just breathe deeply while being present within your body and the moment. I try my best to set aside about 15-20 minutes each day to meditate myself. It’s been a big help with my mental clarity and personal stress.

    • Hello Rachel, 

      Appreciate the positive feedback you have given me. 

      Meditation is of great benefit to our mental well being. 

      Keep up the meditating.

      You can never meditate too much. 

      Namaste Shane.

  2. I saw my daughter doing this sometimes ago and u rebuked her for sitting and doing like that, I thought within me,where could she have learned that from, movies,friends or where until I got to know few things about it on the internet but this review gave me a better picture than what I got previously from the site I visited

    • Hello Sharon, 

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article. 

      Good to see you have a better understanding of meditation and it’s positive effects. 

      Namaste Shane.


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