Best Yoga Bag and Slings Review

I recently reviewed the Best Yoga Mats, so it goes without saying we need a new Yoga bag or Sling to carry around your new Yoga Mat. I will review the best Yoga mat bags and Slings available.

Please take note descriptions, especially colors can change quickly so be mindful of what they have by checking descriptions before goods are ordered.

Stock can also be limited as new products come in from the manufacturers.

My Mat and Sling

YogaAddict Yoga Mat Bag:

Product Description:


YogaAddict Yoga Mat Bag (Extra Large) 'Compact' with Pocket, Fits All 15mm Yoga Mat and Jade/Manduka Mat Size, 29" Long, Easy Access - Dark Purple

YogaAddict Large Yoga Mat Bag

Color: Dark Purple:

(Extra Large 29″x11″)

Limited Stock:

Weight 399 grams:

Shipping Weight 567 grams:

This Yoga bag is available in a range of colour dark purple.

Made of 100% polyester, it is extremely hard wearing and a breeze to clean.

If you find that you are busy person and need a one bag fits all, this bag is for you.

The YogaAddict Mat Bag has handy pockets so you can fit all your bit and pieces in, and could be the right choice for you as you can fit lots of things like your, clothing, towel, straps.

This Yoga mat bag is 29 inches long. Make sure you can fit your mat in beforehand.

All in all good sturdy bag, as you can imagine anything can break if mistreated.


1) Body of bag seems very sturdy and holds its shape pretty well:

2) Once you get your mat into the bag, it is roomy enough to hold other personal items:

4) Ventilation eyelet to allow air flow for the bag to stay fresh and minimize odor:

5) Adjustable shoulder strap for customized bag length:


1) Company requests 4 to 5 Stars rating on bag, maybe a little misleading:

2) Plastic handle reported to be flimsy:

3) Bigger mats may not fit in:

YogaAddict Yoga Mat Tote Bag Supreme:

Product Description:                                                  


Yoga Tote Bag

Color: Grey and Apple Green:

Long: 30″:Brand: YogaAddict:

Product Dimensions: 47.2 x 70.9 x 106.3 inches:

Shipping Weight: 1.6 pounds:

Fits most yoga mat up to 27″ wide, with enough room left for your extras except for the larger15mm yoga mat.

Easy to use and Easy to carry around. No more hassle packing and carrying your yoga gear to and from the Studio.

Just slide in your items and go to your next destination. It comes with an additional adjustable shoulder strap too.

Simple and functional design: Two external front compartments can fit in 2 yoga blocks, 4′ x 6′ x 9′ each or enough space for your towels, kindle, books, extra shirts, yoga straps etc.

One external middle compartment to store your water bottle.

One zippered inside pocket for keeping your purse, wallet, hand phones, membership cards, tissues and other gears.

You may not need to carry multiple bags for practice anymore.

Durable and Convenient to insert your mat. Durable material which is built to last.

High quality full zipper makes it easy to insert and pull out your mat.

Made from polyester, which makes it a sturdy and lightweight product.


1)Fits most yoga mats:

2)Additional adjustable shoulder strap:

3) Plenty of space for other items:


1) Maybe to heavy for carrying long distances:

2) Not suitable for the larger 15mm mats :

Gaiam Yoga Mat Tote Bags:

Product description:GAIAM YOGA MAT BAG


Brand Gaiam Part Number 05-62014:

Item Weight 680 grams:

shipping Weight 680 grams:

Gaiam’s Yoga Mat Totes are 100% cotton and fully lined in nylon fabric. Will fit any standard or premium Yoga or Pilates mat up to 70cm wide.

Features magnetic snaps (for easy access when you’re running a little late to yoga class) along with a zippered outside pocket and a zippered inside pocket.

30.5 W x 6.5 D x 11 h (inch) with 80cm shoulder straps.

Features magnetic snaps (for easy access when you’re running a little late to yoga class.


1)Stylish design:

2) Made of Cotton:

3) Easy to carry:


1) Mats over 28 inches may not fit:

2) Too small for all your extras:

Manduka Go Play 3.0 Yoga Mat Sling:

Product description:

Color: Black:                                                             

Manduka Sling Bag

Size: One Size:

Weight: 685 Grams:

Brand: Manduka:

Product Dimensions:20 x 20 x 2.9 cm ; 227 cm:

Shipping Weight:18.1 g:

Stylish and compact sling bag, will accommodate all size mats great option if you have a big mat, has quick release buckles for easy access.

Comes with large storage pocket for your belongings.

Weather and water resistant fabric made from oeko-tex certified 100% polyester.


1) Suitable for all mat sizes:

2) Quick-release buckles for optimal accessibility:

3) Large storage pocket for valuables:

4)Large storage pocket for valuables:


1) No space for your props:

Manduka Journey ON Commuter Yoga Mat Bag:

Product description:

 CHECK PRICEManduka Commuter

Height :0.5 inches:Length:

9.5 inches:Weight:100 grams:

Width: 2.7 inches:

Brand: Manduka:

Product Dimensions172.7 x 3.8 x 0.5 cm ; 227 g

:Shipping Weight: 113 grams:

Item Model Number: R242073Q00:

The Journey on commuter Yoga Mat Strap is lightweight and great for traveling with your yoga mat.

Will fit any size mat.

Their Straps are sustainable, soft, hygienic, and absorbent. Patented skidless Technology using 100% silicone to grip the towel in place on your mat, floor, or carpet.

Made using recycled bottles, resulting in 66% less energy to produce.

Designed to fit mats of any size, the Commuter mat carrier is an alternative that keeps your yoga mat easily accessible and at your side for all occasions.

Made from soft, durable, all-natural materials, The Commuter is a fresh, new, nature-inspired look designed to add joy and versatility to any practice.

Part of Manduka’s Journey On Collection, whether you are traveling to the studio or taking your practice on the road.

The Commuter is an inspired way to carry your mat, your love of yoga, and your commitment to the planet, without sacrificing style or performance


1)Any size mat will fit:

2) Simple to use:

3) Cost effective:


1) Obvious one, but no storage for personal items:


There you go a few nice choices to think about.

Hope this has helped you in selecting your new Mat or Sling.

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I’m happy to help any way that I can.


Namaste Shane.

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4 thoughts on “Best Yoga Bag and Slings Review”

  1. Thanks, these are great choices for a yoga mat bag/sling. I haven’t actually bought a yoga bag so this comes in handy. Choosing between the Gaiam yoga mat or the Manduka Go Play. Both seem easy to carry and have some pockets. Are they also easy to clean? Thanks a lot!

    • Thank you for your feedback, cleaning could be an issue, that is why i personally use a sling. 

      I will check with the manufacturers washing care instructions if you like, and I can get back to you? 

      Kind Regards, Shane.

  2. thanks so much for this information – I think of the bags and slings you have showcased here, the one that would suit me best is the Manduka Journey ON Commuter Yoga Mat Strap as I don’t need the extra storage and this looks lightweight and easy to slip the mat in and out of. What other yoga accessories are available? Cheers, Karen

    • Thank You Karen for your feedback really appeciate it. The Manduka journey on Commuter is a great choice. 

      I have recently reveiwed Yoga blocks and Shorts and about to review Yoga pants. 

      Yoga apparrel market is a multi million dollar industry and growing every year. 

      Kind Regards Shane.


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