Best Yoga Mats Review

No doubt Yoga is good for you. It can increase core strength, bolster flexibility, and encourage mindfulness if done correctly.


But, if you’re tired of using your studio’s already used yoga mats, it’s time to get one of your own. Best Yoga Mats Review, which mat is the best, with so many mats available it is hard to know, which one to buy.

I will find out which is the best yoga mat for you. This will be an in depth review on yoga mats, and their features and benefits.

I will review the different costs of mats and work my way up to the more costly types of mats, and to see if it is really worth spending the extra money.

Best Five Mats 

Manduka PROlite:

The PROlite is the perfect solution for people seeking a lightweight yoga mat with superior quality and comfort.

The PROlite is a lighter, a zero-waste yoga mat for in the studio, and on the go.

Standard dimensions:

  • 4.0 lbs; 71″ x 24″.
  • 1.8 kg; 180 cm x 61 cm.
  • 4.7 mm thick.

Long dimensions:

  • 4.6 lbs; 79″ x 24″; 4.7 mm thick.
  • 2.3 kg; 200 cm x 61 cm; 4.7 mm thick

Sweating a lot? I recommend pairing this with one of their performance towels.

The PROlite® will never wear out, guaranteed.

Standard: 71″ x 24″ (180cm x 61cm) – 4lbs (1.8kg)

4.7 mm thick high-density cushion for joint protection and unmatched support covered by there lifetime guarantee.

The PROlite won’t wear out from your yoga practice.

The closed-cell surface prevents sweat from seeping into the mat.

The non-toxic, emissions are free at the manufacturing stage and are 100% latex free proprietary dot pattern bottom layer.


  • Lifetime Warranty. Non-Toxic.
  • missions free manufacturing.
  • latex-free.
  • Two size options
  • Minimal odor
  • Dense support without being squishy


  • Weighter than the cheaper mats, and travel mats.
  • customers complain quite slippery surface at first.
  • Not ideal for hot yoga or people who sweat.

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Manduka Profit

Jade Harmony Professional:

The Harmony mat is 3/16″ thick, 24″ wide

(for a wider variety, see Harmony XW at 28″ wide),

Available in three lengths- 68”, 71″  and 74”- and weighs about 5 pounds, and are available in the following color selections:

  • Purple.
  • Midnight Blue.
  • Olive Green.
  • Black.
  • Slate Blue.
  • Teal.
  • Raspberry.
  • Gray, Plum.
  • Pink.
  • Tibetan Orange.

71″ Harmony mats are , and are available in the following color selections:

Two-tone Purple (Lavender over Purple),

two-tone Blue (Slate over Midnight)

two-tone Red (Chili Pepper Red over Sedona Red)*74”

Available in the following colors:

  • Black.
  • Midnight Blue.
  • Olive.
  • Slate Blue.
  • Purple.

Please note that colors on the screen are approximations and do not match the mats exactly.

$5 will be donated to ovarian cancer charities for every Teal mat purchased.

$5 from each Saffron mat will be donated to Autism causes.

$5 will be donated to breast cancer charities for every pink mat purchased made.

It’s everything you want in a yoga mat cool colors, incredible grip, great comfort and eco-friendly.

nd are made in the United States in compliance with all US environmental, labor and consumer protection laws.

They have a partnership with Trees for the Future, Jade plants a tree for every mat sold with over one million trees planted so far.


  • Good for the eco minded made from rubber trees.
  • A renewable resource.two size options.


  • Contains strong odor.
  • Can contain some latex be careful if your senstive to latex.
  • Some reviews mention flaking and breakdown of the mat.

 Gaiam Print Premium:

These durable, yet lightweight exercise yoga mats are extra-thick for the additional cushioning your joints need during any yoga or fitness routine.

The Yoga mat features a textured sticky non-slip surface for excellent traction and superior grip and a stylish design to keep you motivated and focused.

Non-Toxic & 6P Free:

PVC yoga mat is a healthier choice for you and the planet and free of DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP and DNOP.


For best results unroll and air out your mat for 2-3 days before use, a harmless odor may be present when unwrapped.

Yoga mat purchase includes a free bonus downloadable yoga workout to help get you started.


68-Inch x 24-Inch x 5/6mm (Same size mat, but packaging may vary to list 5mm or 6mm)


  • Lightweight
  • Many design options
  • Latex-free
  • Phthalate free
  • 6P free (DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, and DNOP)
  • Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Slippery
  • Lingering chemical smell
  • Not the most eco-friendly option
  • Not as solid as other mats

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Niagra Design Shown below

Gaiam Print Yoga Mat

Aurorae Classic Thick:

1/4″ Thick, 72″ Long, 24″ Wide with Rising Moon Focal point Icon to help your focus with Illuminating colors there mats are durable, and lightweight.

Odorless and Easy to Care for, and wash.

Please make sure you read there yogi tips and care instructions that are printed on the back of there Aurorae paper wrapper.

Mats have been tested and are Safe / Non Toxic.

No Phthalates,

Phenols, PAHS, Latex, Silicone or Rubber. Aurorae all purpose yoga mats are for men, women and kids.

At 72″x24″ and 1/4″ inch, it’s great for Pilates or aerobics, outdoor activities like camping or fishing.

They are a small family business that works in the spirit of Yoga.

Your Satisfaction is their Goal.2 Year Guarantee.

Natural Cork / Rubber non slip Yoga Mat.

Made from Portuguese Cork and Natural Rubber 2.

Aurorae Super Sized “ULTRA” Super Sized Extra Long 78″;

Extra Wide 26″ and 1/4″ Thick for comfort and Safety.

Non Slip Rosin and Carry Strap included with “ULTRA” Mat only.


2 Year Guarantee (cannot guarantee 3rd party sellers) odorless Eco-friendly, non-toxic biodegradable free of rubber, silicone, and latex.

Lightweight comes with a free non-slip rosin bag and tips for washing your mat.


Reviews indicate signs of wear and tear breakdown after a short time period.

Slippery at first.

Check PriceAurorae Classic Thick Yoga Mat

Manduka PROHigh:

Density cushion, joint protection, unmatched support.


7.5 lbs; 71″ x 26″; 6 mm thickLong: 9.5 lbs; 85″ x 26″; 6 mm thick.

To Break in the surface texture of Manduka PRO mats improves with use.

The best way to break in your mat is practice, practice, practice.

To Clean:

To Keep your mat in the best condition, by wiping it down after every practice with Manduka All-Purpose Mat Wash.

It’s specially formulated to clean your mat without damaging the surface.

Closed-cell surface prevents sweat from seeping into the mat.

Non-toxic, emissions free manufacturing, 100% latex free.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Non-Toxic
  • Latex-free
  • Emissions-free manufacturing
  • Two size options
  • One of the widest mats on the list
  • Minimal odor
  • Dense support while still being firm and grounding


  • Requires a bit of time to break in
  • Slippery at first
  • Weight is a bit heavy for the traveler

Check PriceManduka ProConclusion:

Five different types of mats to choose from, ranging in prices to suit all budgets.

Spending around the $100 mark will get you a fairly decent mat.

I like the Gaiam printed yoga mat for something different considering i have a boring black mat.

My mat looks like the one at the top of the page, stiil happy with that particular mat.

You will find you sweat in a yoga class regardless, if it is hot Yoga or not, take a towel with you at all times.

I hope you find a mat that suits your needs.

Please feel free to a leave a comment down below and i will get back to you asap.



Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietitian before starting any fitness program or making any changes to your diet.

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  1. I have always had an issue with yoga mats and the environment, I was so excited to read that different companies are beginning to bring out mats that are better for the environment and that the materials are starting to be sourced sustainably. This is such a great step forward and I thank you for bringing this to my attention.

    • Thank you for your postive comment.

      We do need to look after our environment, and this is one small way we can do it. 

      Kind Regards Shane.

  2. Dear Shane,

    Thanks a lot for the thorough and in-depth review post. I recently started doing yoga and I was searching for yoga mat online, as you mentioned there are a lot and your review saved my time.

    The features, pros and cons you shared is very helpful in my decision making. Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mat is the one I am interested with and the price range is under my budget. Also the Bonus Free Yoga Workout Download with Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mat is just like icing on the cake.

    I loved how easy the review makes it for readers and no additional research needed.

    Much Success!


    • Thank You Paul for your postive feedback. 

      Happy to hear you practice Yoga and this post assisted you in your Yoga Mat selection. 

      Kind Regards Shane.

  3. Thanks for saving me some work in looking at the options for yoga mats. This 2019 review of the best yoga mats in the market is useful because I can compare one against the other without clicking around. It is nice having all the pertinent information on one page.

    I am in the market for one, as mine is worn out and needs replacing asap. Since things do change, I wanted to see if there are better options than sticking with what I have. The five you have included are all good, but the one that stands out to me is the Manduka Pro.

    Although it is a bit heavier, it also provides a bit more support and joint protection, which is important to me. I like the way it looks too. Simple, yet effective. That is the one I will likely go with. I am heading off to see what the price and order details are, thanks again for your review of the best yoga mats for 2019. 

    • Appreciate your feedback. 

      I would also pick the Manduka Yoga Mat. All the best in your new Yoga Mat selection. 

      Kind Regards Shane.

  4. Well, this is very informative and insightful. Though I do engage in yoga for leisure, I’ve never taken the classes seriously because I do not fancy yoga but spending a $100+ on a yoga mat! That would demand my utmost seriousness with it. Though I use a very old and dirty yoga mat, I never gave it a thought that I needed a new mat. I like the manduka pro better coupled with it having a washing tool. That seems fair to me.

    Thank you for this post 

    • Thank you for your feedback, i really appreciate it. 

      If you happen to need a Yoga Mat down the track this post has given you some idea what to go for. 

      Kind Regards Shane.

  5. Thank you very much for this Yoga informative post. You have given all the information on how to avoid stress and, anxiety. I too thought Yoga was for women because it women who talk about it. Now I know.

    Not long ago my son suffered anxiety. he could not sleep and sometimes he felt like he could not breathe. He is doing much better now but I wish I read your post on Yoga.

    I have bookmark it so that he should visit the website.

    Once again, thanks! 


  6. I love that $5 will be donated for cancer charities for each Teal mat I buy, $5 for any Saffron mat to Autism research, and $5  to breast cancer research for any pink mat I buy.  That’s really awesome!  Personally, I don’t have a latex allergy or sensitivity, so no worries there.  

    These mats are beautiful, and they do come in so many different colors.  I love your site.  You really provide a lot of useful information!  Thanks.


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