Amazing Health Benefits Of Yoga

Amazing Health Benefits Of Yoga

Fish PoseBenefits Of Matsyasana:

The name given to every asana derives its inspiration from nature. As this pose happens to look like a fish it is known as matsyasana – fish pose. The amazing health benefits of the Matsyasana yoga pose is well known for being the destroyer of many diseases.

This asana has to be done in padmasana which may not be that easy for beginner. To make it easy you can do this by stretching your legs and then lie on your back.

Knees bent and hands by your side. It is one of the back bend poses which done in correct manner would be very fruitful and useful for you.

For many who are doing this for the first time can use support for your neck to avoid any strain.

The use of a thick blanket may just be the thing you may need.

Do this asana on a blanket to avoid any damage to your back.

It can be made difficult with many variations depending upon the person who is doing it.

While doing this asana hold it for 15 to 30 seconds to get the full benefit.

The intense pull of the asana helps to flex your hips flexors and muscles between the ribs to make it more functional.

This asana helps to stretch most parts of your body.

By the increasing stretch it stimulates the muscles and the abdominal organs including the neck and throat.

This is the only asana which bends the spine and your neck backwards.

Pressure and stretch on the neck also helps the thyroid glands including the pineal and adrenal glands.

The nervous system, kidneys, stomach, intestines, the pelvic organs are strengthened and toned due to this asana.

Asthma patients health will improve by this asana. It also helps in improving your posture.

It is very useful for constipation, mild headache, fatigue and menstrual pain.

Eagle Pose

Benefits Of Garudasana:

‘Garuda’ means eagle and ‘asana’ means pose. Garuda known as king birds also happen to be the vehicle of Vishnu.

Even though most of the yoga poses aims towards balance and tranquility, by the look of the asana it will be more visible.

This asana would help in loosening up your joints.

Stretching your muscles would help in making all the parts of your body more fit.

While doing the asana sense of balance would be achieved as you are standing on one foot.

It would look similar to you being wrapped by yourself.

As this is a standing pose many beginners do not happen to find the right balance, for this they can use the wall to support the back.

This can be done with different variations and can be very challenging. You should consult your doctor before doing any of the yoga poses.

Even though these are very beneficial it would depend upon your body whether you can manage these asanas.

Even though this may look like a difficult asana but by regularly doing it you may master it and would be able to reap its benefits.

he key for all the asanas is that you have to remain in that pose for at least 15 to 30 seconds which would be more beneficial for you.

The key areas which this asana focuses are the ankles, calves, thighs, hips and shoulders.

The benefit which you can get from this asana is the strengthening and stretching of you ankles and calves.

hese areas which may be neglected would be treated well by this asana.

The stretch would help your thighs, hips, shoulders and upper back.

The pull which is created in this asana would help to make you more relaxed.

So when you are relaxed the level of concentration also improves as you are also keeping a check on your breathing while doing this exercise.

There is balance all over your mind body and soul which keeps you always in check for the better things in life.

Triangle Pose

Benefits Of Trikanasana:

Trikanasana is also known as the Triangle Pose.

As and when you look at the asana you can easily notice why this name has been given to this asana.

It works out every muscle of your body from the arms to the legs.

It is a great way to shed some of the excess weight you have been carrying all along.

This asana helps all those have been struggling with weight problem.

If you are looking for a good figure and a curved waist line, this is the pose to do.

It helps in curing rheumatism and lumbago, a problem with your lower spine region.

It is a good asana to make your shoulders and arms more flexible.

A stiff body can achieve a state of flexibility by doing this asana.

It has direct impact on your muscles as you start doing it.

Your neck and arms get stretched. The stretching of the neck and shoulder muscles helps you recover from spondylitis problems.

Spondylitis can be termed as one of the commonest problems faced by many, due to the long hours of sitting in front of the computer.

The upper body is very well toned too. Due to the continuous stretching it helps your body to become a reservoir of good health.

Problems with your heart are rectified helping it to function in a better manner.

It massages and strengthens the thyroid glands, kidneys and the adrenal glands to function in a better manner.

It reduces the production of the cortisol, a stress hormone, helping you to be less stressed.

The hormone level is very well regulated preventing many of the problems.

While doing this exercise, your legs and buttocks are strengthened as well as toned. Blood pressure problems are also rectified.

If you are suffering from digestion or constipation problem this is the best thing to help you out.

Condition of the appendicitis is also corrected by doing this exercise regularly.

The muscles of your abdomen and the hip joints become more flexible.

The reproductive system functions better with the intensity of this pose.

It helps in creating a proper immune balance to help you fight diseases.


As always take your time with all of these poses. Some real benefits in doing these particular poses on a regular basis.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this post or this site in general, and I will answer all the comments on my website personally so drop me a line below if you have any Yoga questions or comments.

I’m happy to help any way that I can.

copywrightNamaste Shane.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietitian before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet

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