Must have yoga essentials

Yoga Equipment For Beginners

Your yoga journey is about to begin. What type of yoga equipment for beginners is required to the new yogi. What are the must haves to start your practice. I will keep the selection to a reasonable price no point in going overboard to start with. With that in mind i will look for good …

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Yoga backbend

More Of Best Yoga Shorts

Due to popular demand, and also the weather is warming up. I will review more shorts for Ladies and Men. Sit down and relax, don’t go anywhere, and let me inform you of this Summers latest trends for Yoga shorts. CHECK PRICE Yoga Crow: Yoga Crow Mens Swerve Shorts with Moisture Wicking Inner Liner, Crow …

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Yoga bags and slings

Best Yoga Bag and Slings Review

I recently reviewed the Best Yoga Mats, so it goes without saying we need a new Yoga bag or Sling to carry around your new Yoga Mat. I will review the best Yoga mat bags and Slings available. Please take note descriptions, especially colors can change quickly so be mindful of what they have by …

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