Getting Back into Your Yoga Routine

If you have been involved in yoga in the past and have taken a rest of more than a couple of months you really need to take it slow coming back. Its tough to get motivated to start back into your yoga routine again.

What you have to do is set some realistic attainable “written “goals to help push you. The reason I have emphasized written is that if you don’t write your goals down they are merely wishes. Studies have proven over and over that writing your goals down is powerful.

Depending upon your level of fitness you may only start with fifteen or twenty minutes. If you have some level of fitness start with 30 minutes and gradually increase it.

Trying To Get Back In Shape?

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With yoga training, if you push too hard to early you can end up damaging supporting tendons and ligaments. The key is not to rush in at first.

What I do after a long layoff is go to the gym and ride the stationary bike for 15-20 minutes first to warm my body up.

Next, I will choose only one body part per day to exercise. If you are an older person or have a larger frame you may want to continue this type of program even after your initial break in period.

Follow these same guidelines for all body parts and increase the yoga slowly and within a month you will be right back to hard training again and working towards your goals.

The most common challenge that people I talk to face is how to incorporate yoga into their lives. They know they have to do something to get in shape but they really don’t know how. It can be discouraging because of the abundance of information out there. So much that you may not know where to begin.

Our society has so many food choices that it is easy to pack on the extra pounds. Also, our day to day jobs are less physical as they where 100 years ago so we have more sedentary life styles. We know there are benefits involved when we exercise and cleaning up or diet. However, most of us know don’t know how or where to start.

So where do we begin? Or is the question: How do we begin?

The very first thing you need do is go to your doctor and get the approval to start yoga. Your doctor may also provide some helpful tips as well.

After you get the OK from your doctor, try these things to help you get started:

Make the Choice to Start Yoga and Eat Right

Making the decision to do something provides a form of commitment you made to your self. Deciding that you need to change behavior creates new possibilities. When you say to your self I need to get in shape, it means something. You should be answering these questions in your mind: When can I work out?

What yoga do I need to do? What foods should I be eating? Make your self think about the commitment you just made. Only then you can let go of the past and take steps to move forward.

Write Down What You Do

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You need a reference that is realistic towards your weekly activity. Write down everything you do during the week. This should include work hours, commuting hours, nights spent with your spouse, your child activities and anything else you can think of that you do.

You should also include what you do on weekends. You should make a list for each day of the week. Here’s why.

Some people set lofty goals like doing Yoga for 1 hour a day. This can be due to an old saying, More is Better.

However, this is not the case. Knowing your schedule will help you set realistic goals and help you find a few hours a week to start Yoga. You’ll have a visual perspective on what you can and can’t do with your routine.

Research and Get Information

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Most people do not have enough information before they start a work out program. So how do we get the information we need? The good news is we live in the information age.

Take advantage of your favorite search engine and learn a little bit about yoga and nutrition. However, do not go overboard and lose focus.

Find a source of information you like and take notes. Find the simplest and easiest yoga and nutrition tips. Don’t over load yourself with information.

Create a Simple Plan and Set Realistic Goals

Keep it Simple! Following a simple plan while on a hectic schedule is much easier than following an elaborate plan. You should have a plan of which days you want to work out and one goal to change your eating habits for the next few weeks. For example, I will work out for a half an hour for 3 days this week. I will eat a little less each meal. Simple as that.

Execute Your Plan

Now that you have a plan, all you need to do is follow it. This is another big step. You should look at your plan every day upon waking. You need be mentally prepared for the great day ahead of you. Having your daily schedule in hand will help you achieve your goals for the day.

When you complete your yoga for the day, highlight it or cross it off your list. It will show you that you accomplished something for yourself. No matter what you must execute. This will be the hardest and most rewarding step.


Yoga for seniors

I hope these things help you get started on a new life of yoga fitness. Life is filled with making decisions, knowing your commitments, getting information, planning and execution.

Try these approaches for yourself and you will see that having your own workout and nutrition program is not as far-fetched or complicated as you think.

Would love to hear from you about this post, please leave a message below.

Namaste Shane.

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  1. Yoga is something that i have always really thought of as being something for Yoga sort of people. But having read this article here i am actually quite tempted to give it a try at least. It certainly sounds like its good for your mind an for calming and meditating. This is good for you in the long run

    • Hello Kwidzin, 

      Thank you for reading my post. 

      Good to hear your are tempted to try yoga. 

      You are correct in saying it is good for the mind and body. 

      Namaste Shane.


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