How to Get Started With Yoga at Home

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and has often been linked to the symbol of the tree. This is because Yoga has many branches and you can take your pick how many branches you wish to study from.

One difference is that the paths of yoga can often overlap while branches do not. Look at it this way you can only hang from one branch at one time. But you can take part in different yoga aspects at the same time.

Many people choose this path until they find one that suits them the best. You can easily do the same too. In modern society stress is rampant and this leads to people having to deal with more health problems both mental and physical. Unfortunately our food is not as fresh or wholesome as it once was.

Even the air we breathe is more polluted. On top of this most people are less active than before and this leads to obesity in all age groups and genders.

The reason why yoga is increasing in popularity is because it is beneficial for the whole body. In addition to improving the way your body looks, yoga can help you relax and heal your mind.

Yoga is easily known as the all in one exercise. It can be a spiritual passageway as well if you desire to follow this path. But it is the holistic qualities that are excellent for all people regardless of their background.

Yoga Exercise at Home

Lady meditating

Twenty years ago yoga was not that popular as it was deemed to be too slow. People turned away from practicing yoga and instead took up aerobics. Yoga was seen as totally spiritual and not as a way to get your health back. Trends have now changed and yoga with its slow movements is again gaining in popularity.

One reason for this is because it is gentle on your joints and great for anyone suffering from debilitating pain or other medical conditions. Many doctors have seen the benefits of yoga when it comes to dealing with stress. It is perfect for anyone wanting to learn how to regain that balance between your working and your personal life.

So much so that many large corporations are including yoga and other exercises classes for their employees. Just take a minute and think about your lifestyle right now. You get up in the morning and rush around getting ready for work. Then you rush home at night look after your kids and try to get some chores done. At the end of the day you fall into bed exhausted but cannot sleep properly!

Yoga can be a way for you to learn how to de-stress your lifestyle and make you feel great about yourself again. It is the healing portion of yoga which is directly responsible for its renewed popularity. Other more strenuous exercise methods have been responsible for people suffering from bad knees, joint and back pain. Professional doctors are referring these people to yoga classes for treatment.

Another reason why yoga is increasing in popular is that there is more interest in getting back to natural exercise methods. People are willing to learn how to unclutter their minds and detoxify their bodies. Studies on yoga have shown that it can be responsible for reducing a person’s stress levels along with their blood pressure. With heart disease on the rise this is welcoming news. Because of consumer concerns there is now a ton of information available on yoga. This includes books, DVD’s and forum discussion groups.

The basics of yoga boil down to this: learning how to relax your body while being alert and focused. This is when you learn to focus on your breathing, a body position or an object. If your mind starts to wander then you have to refocus yourself and start again.

With stress issues accounting for almost 80% of doctor visits in the U.S. alone. Yoga is proving to be a good, cost effective way to treat certain medical conditions.

Yoga at Home – How to Get Started with Your Yoga Workout

If you have decided to start participating in yoga as a way to get fit, then you have chosen an ideal exercise. Not only is yoga great for your body, but it can be a wonderful stress and relaxation method. Yoga has been shown to be extremely helpful for many health issues including Asthma and back pain.

Your Yoga Room

To get started with yoga at home you want to set yourself up a yoga area or yoga room. This will be a quiet place that you can exercise in without being disturbed. The basic equipment you will need to get started with includes:

Oils burning

• Yoga mat

• Yoga DVD or Book

• Towel

• Bottle of Water

As you become more advanced you might wish to start using yoga blocks and straps in your routine.

The Basics of Your Yoga Workout

When you first start practicing yoga you should concentrate on learning the basics first. This includes how to hold each pose and very importantly how to breathe correctly. At first these are the only two things that you should be focusing on.

When you have the basic yoga poses down then you can start adding additional movements. At this time, you can start including some form of yoga meditation if you wish. Many people like to include this at the end of their yoga session. Meditating helps you to relax and rejuvenates your body before heading back to your daily schedule.

Setting Up Your Yoga Schedule

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When you first start your yoga workout you should only spend a few minutes on each pose. If you can’t manage very much at first, don’t worry, your body will adapt quickly. During your first week try to practice yoga for 15 minutes each session and aim for two to three sessions each week.

As you become more accomplished then increase this time to 30 minutes each time. A good routine to follow is one that includes lots of stretching. Then you want to get into poses and hold each one for as long as you can. The seconds will turn into minutes if you keep persevering!

In time, you can then add a session where you do standing and seated poses separately. You can practice yoga every day if you wish. If you go this route then use three days a week to do a shorter yoga workout. Then aim for a longer and more intense workout on the other four days.

Because you are practicing yoga at home, you don’t have to worry about missing classes or taking a shorter class. Do what your body feels comfortable with as much as possible. Don’t feel bad about taking a day off, rest up and relax by taking a hot bubble bath. Then resume your schedule again. Once you have your home yoga area set up, use it to your advantage. Why not see if you can get your spouse or boyfriend.


If your goal with yoga is to increase your flexibility and strength then you have chosen the correct path. All style of yoga will teach you how to become more in-tune with your body. You will finish your yoga session feeling more at peace with yourself. In today’busy world this is indeed a blessing.

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Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietitian before starting any fitness program or making any changes to your diet.

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