How To Meditate With A Mantra

When a politician repeats a promise over and over again commentators say that this promise has become a mantra for that politician.

For yogis however, a mantra is a word or collection of words, which has the power of liberating a human being from all limitations.

How can the repetition of a word or a few words have the capacity to bring about such miraculous results?

The Mantra Principle:

It is all based on a simple psychological principle, as you think, so you become.

When someone tells you that you are inferior, then this is a negative outer-suggestion.

When you start to think about it, then you are giving yourself, a negative auto-suggestion.

If you keep thinking in a negative way, then your personal development will be harmed.

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Mantra Affirmations:

Meditation mantras have a positive meaning.

They remind you that your true nature is something great:

pure consciousness and boundless love.

If you start to think about the best part of your being, you will begin to have more confidence in yourself.

This will become apparent in your actions.

However, many people have read philosophical, spiritual or self-help books explaining these ideas.

Yet they never realize these truths in their everyday reality.

It is not enough to just think about a good idea once, and then close the book.

You need to think in a concentrated and systematic manner over a period in order to get results.

Meditation mantras have a special quality that helps in the task of concentrated, positive thinking.

Their very vibration has the capacity to concentrate and focus your mind.

Some sounds, such as power drill breaking a pavement, can upset you greatly, while other sounds, like soothing music, can transport you to another world.

The syllables and words used in meditation mantras have been chosen to accord their sonic capacity.

They greatly aid the task of concentration and contemplation, as well as carrying a positive meaning.

A Regular Practice:

In order to get the benefits from mantra meditation, you need to meditate regularly with a mantra that has a positive meaning and the capacity to help you concentrate.

You need to do it on a regular basis, sitting silently two times a day for a period of 10 to 30 minutes.

It sounds easy, but the common experience of most people be that as you sit and try to think about one word or one phrase, your mind is quickly filled with many other thoughts.

Thoughts about work, financial problems, disputes with people and all kinds of other matters.

When this happens, and it certainly will, then you have to bring your mind back to the mantra.

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Concentrate On The Mantra:

Meditation is a process where you concentrate on the mantra and its meaning for as long as you can, and when you mind wanders, you bring it back.

Keep doing it, and you will attain an improved capacity to concentrate and deep inner peace.

There are a lot of things that help in keeping us entertained.

While there is nothing wrong with entertaining ourselves, a problem arises with our constant need for distractions.

Focus On One Thing:

Because of that, it becomes difficult for us to focus on one thing.

We do not need to take extreme measures to help us focus.

There are practices which can do the job for us. It includes the practice of meditation.

People take up meditation for different purposes and improving concentration is one of them.

There are several methods by which meditation does its job.

One is through breathing exercises.

Even an exercise that is as simple as being aware of the times we inhale and exhale can do wonders to our ability to concentrate.

While it may sound easy, it can be quite difficult especially if one has to deal with distractions such as outside noise.

Reciting a Mantra:

Another method is by reciting a mantra.

A mantra is a phrase or a sound that is recited repeatedly.

The repetition becomes the center of the meditation to which the person’s attention becomes focused.

There are other more methods by which meditation can help improve concentration.

However, the two mentioned above are the most basic and could help beginners start out with the practice.

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How To Practice Meditation:

Meditation is the most important practice for calming the mind.

A calm mind can lead to a healthy, happy and successful life.

It can cure diseases and speed up healing processes.

We describe the simple technique below called prana-dharana.

Prana in Sanskrit stands for the air that we breathe.

It is the most basic act of life which starts from birth and goes on till death.

But generally, we are not aware of the breath till our attention is drawn close to it. Dharana means its awareness.

Prana-dharana means applying the mind to the flow of air when we breathe.

The Best Method Is Described Below:

Sit in a posture suitable for meditation.

The common postures are Siddhasana, Padmasana and Swastikasana.

But if you cannot do this, just sit cross-legged.

Your back should be straight and eyes closed.

Your knees should be placed well on the ground.

Do not stoop your shoulders back.

Relax The Body:

The whole body should be relaxed and the whole frame steady without exerting any pull or pressure on the thighs, feet, knees, spine or neck.

There should be no stretch on tension along the abdominal wall.

Let the abdominal wall sway gently back and forth very smoothly and effortlessly with each respiration.

Facial muscles should be relaxed and mouth closed with a small gap between the two jaws such that the upper and lower teeth do not exert pressure on each other.

Your tongue should touch the palate with tip touching the back of the upper front teeth.

Ensure that the lips, tongue or the lower jaws do not move.

Your eyeballs and eyelids should be steady and the muscles of the forehead relaxed.

Flow Of Air:

Your entire posture should be comfortable, steady and relaxed.

You should not feel strain on any part of the body.

Now start developing the awareness of breathing.

The flow of air should be uniform, slow and smooth.

Do not make any effort or exercise any control.

Never hold breath.

Do not utter any word or see any image.

This will calm your mind and help you achieve peace.

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Namaste Shane.

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  1. Hello thanks for this article.the healing power of om mantra is well known for centuries but the development of subtle feeling for om and the exact method of chanting is very important. this is a very good article for that. It is a good writeup for om mantra chanting and aum meditation. It is generally set up to provide specific daily practices and meditations to also  relaxe the body. I enjoyed the chapters on the basic Om chanting and practicing meditations. I think anyone could find useful if they’re interested in mantra chanting.for me I do recommend it.

  2. Just the thing I have been looking for. Your website is going to help me I hope. I have a really stressful job and I am needy a way to let things go from the week. Besides meditation do you have any other recommendations to help relieve high-stress levels? I am going to come up with a mantra and start using it first thing and if you have any other suggestion I am all ears.

    • Hello Zach, 

      Appreciate the feedback on my post. 

      Sorry to hear your job is stressful. 

      Yoga and meditation together can help one deal with stress in a better way.

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