Meditation – Helping With Addiction

Meditation Can help the fight against addiction. Meditation is an incredible tool, no matter how you look at it. Whether we are able to benefit immediately or over time through long-term practice, meditation is a tool that can be fully utilized for good.

Addiction and recovery has been a very serious subject and not many patients have been successful in it.

Addictions come in many forms Its important to recognize the signs of addictions in order to seek out help before the problem becomes to large.

Some different types of Addictions are caffeine addiction, nicotine addiction, drug addiction, Alcohol addictions, and gambling addictions.

Like mentioned above its very important to recognize the symptoms of addictions in order to be able to recognize and treat an addiction before it becomes to serious.

There are several symptoms, some vary on type of addiction, and others are age and gender specific.

Here is a look at some of the most common symptoms

  • Uncontrolled Craving and Desires This symptom can be general to all types of addictions.
  • For example: food/drink cravings, gambling cravings
  • Fatigue Often times addictions will result in both physical and mental fatigue, as your body will often be working over time, and not resting properly.
  • Obsessive thoughts Can you not get a thought out of your mind, is it starting to take over and effect the way you think?
  • Change in Behavior Do you suspect that your behavior has changed? Are you more moody, or easily frightened?
  • Hyperactivity Do you seem to be excessively active, but not getting a lot done?
  • Do you fidget more then usual?
  • Do you have problem sitting still for any length of time.
  • These are just a few of several signs that can indicate the development or indication of an already existing addiction.

Studies have shown that consistent meditation has been linked with recovery from addiction. People who have found themselves struggling with addiction have been able to utilize meditation as a tool that can help them to overcome their mental and emotional dependence on foreign substances and begin a journey of healing from within.

These people also find that meditation is a good way to interrupt
cravings for their addiction and replace those cravings with introspective, calming meditations that help to reaffirm why they are on a journey to recovery and stay on track.


Meditate to recovery

People who were encouraged to meditate as a way to help them during their addiction recovery were far more likely to quit their addiction entirely. It has been known to help people who are struggling to prevent relapses, and is often maintained long after they have successfully quit their addiction.

Meditation can play a crucial role in helping to maintain the balance that is necessary to survive in a stressful, triggering environment. It allows people who are struggling to observe the situations they find themselves in without having reactive emotional reactions, such as turning to the coping mechanism that got them into trouble in the first place.

Instead, meditation helps the brain to remain balanced and objective throughout the recovery process, and even long after, to ensure that the stress we find ourselves struggling to handle will not ultimately cause more issues.

We are better able to cope with our addictions in a healthy and productive way, as our brains become trained to adapt to stressful situations without becoming overwhelmed.

Mindfulness meditations can be particularly effective when it comes to combating addictions.

It can be very helpful for anybody who is having a craving for something that they are addicted to be able to take their focus off of their craving and bring it to the present moment.

Interrupting the cravings with thoughts that process what we are currently experiencing is a good way to disrupt the neural pathways that have begun to solidify as a part of the addiction.

Pill addiction

The Symptoms Of Addiction

Addictions are most commonly associated with drug and alcohol addiction. The truth is millions of people suffer from all kinds of addictions.

Common addictions are to alcohol, controlled substances and prescription medicines. Additions you might not think are addictions are related to compulsive behaviors like gambling, shopping, food, the internet.

An addiction of any type is readily recognized by the fact that it is not a matter of choice. Individuals who are addicts do not have the ability to decide to stop abusing, for example, alcohol or a certain drug, or even the behaviors of gambling or shopping.

Addictions affect the user, their family and friends.

The causes of addiction have been studied for several years. Addiction is caused by the emotion the substance or behavior brings about in the user. The body and mind become dependent on that feeling and seeks to maintain it.

For most addicts, it can be extremely difficult to recognize that what they have associated as simply a habit is actually an addiction.

While every individual is different there are some symptoms that are prevalent among most addicts and addictions:

No matter what stage of addiction you find yourself in, meditation has been proven as a useful tool in

both prevention and recovery.

Smoking addiction


In learning how to manage our emotions and maintain the peace within ourselves, we are able to better handle the negative stimulus we encounter during daily life and make decisions that are closer aligned to our true intentions.

If doesn’t matter what it is that you find yourself addicted to; meditation can help. We have the power

to lead a healthy life, and using meditation is a great tool in doing so!

Be smart with your health and body.

Your only given one chance with it.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, and it is unusual for you, I would recommend seeking out further assistance either by a medical or mental professional.

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Namaste Shane.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice.  Always consult your doctor or a dietitian before starting any fitness program or making any changes to your diet.

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  1. it was really a shocker to dee that meditation helps with addiction, i always knew that meditation is good and always see a lot of people recommend it but i never knew it was this good and has these much benefits . thank you for this amazing article . it really served as a n eye opener to me

    • Hello Collinsss, 

      Thank you for reading my post. 

      Meditation is helpful in more ways than we can imagine. 

      Well worth considering meditation as a panacea for many ailments. 

      Namaste Shane.

  2. It’s really true that many people always find it hard and hard to quit addictions and this is why some are always handled medically but it’s a hidden fact that meditation helps in 3veey great way, it’s been tested and trusted, very thoughtful of you to share about it here, it’ll be of help to a lot of people.

    • Hello Bolt,

      Appreciate the time you have taken to read my post. 

      Addiction as much it is a physical addiction, the mind plays a big part long after the physical addiction has gone. 

      Namaste Shane.

  3. There are a few things that can help you be better person when you are addicted to something and seeing that yoga can be of help means so much to me. I haven’t really given much consideration to yoga as something I can do on a daily, but with this particular benefit of it, I’m very sure that I can give it a try and get get something out of it

    • Hello JMason, 

      Thank you for the positive feedback you have given me. 

      The more people who practiced meditation the better the world would be. 

      Namaste Shane.

  4. Hi Shane Lacey,

    Thanks for this beautiful piece of information. Addiction has posed a big issue in our society nowadays so much has to be  done because it is eating deep into the world. I really love as you brought meditation. I personally think meditation is the best tool thinking about it and it would always give good results over a long period of time. I have bookmarked this and would share to increase the awareness.

    • Hello Miraclex, 

      Appreciate your time and positive feedback you have given my post. 

      I cannot over emphasize the importance of a daily meditation routine. Keep up the good work. 

      Namaste Shane.

  5. I have heard a few about meditation. Most especially the benefits of meditation and how useful it can be. I have friends who meditate quite often and I get to know more about meditation from them. Reading this article and knowing that meditation can be very helpful for addiction is really amazing and a great experience for me.

    • Hello Babakes, 

      Thank you for your feedback.

      Meditation is the way to go for a relaxed mind. 

      Hope this inspires you to take up meditation.

      Namaste Shane.


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