OmStars Online Yoga Review

I have just signed up for the OmStars online yoga classes. Their 14 Day Free Trial classes will give me a more accurate account of their product. First impressions of the website are positive, the OmStars platforms is interactive and user-friendly.

What Is OmStars?

OmStars is an online fitness on-demand platform focusing on yoga. With so many online yoga platforms available today. Many of the fitness platforms, are more basic flow or beginner level classes. This may not be something all yogis feel are strong enough for their practice.

OmStars has focused on giving authentic yoga classes to its platform, with levels that are good for intermediate and more advanced practitioners as well.

You can start as a total beginner, dive into traditional practice or follow the Ashtanga discipline, take part in a specific challenge, learn how to handstand or relax and restore with yin.

OmStars provides unlimited streaming on all your devices for $14.99 USD a month, offering over 1,000 different classes and courses that to support your practice on and off the mat.

Yoga for Everybody:

Start as a complete beginner or deepen your existing practice. Watch hours of content and deepen your love of yoga. Join their community and have access to over 2,000+ different classes & courses, including daily live classes and more!

Learn everything you need to support your life on and off the mat.

Try something new every day or keep coming back to your favorite classes and teachers.

OmStars is your yoga home away from home, a space for you to practice, breath, heal and open your heart.

Tap into the healing powers of Yoga no matter where you are.

Classes for every level and every stage of life.

  • No judgment.
  • No deadlines.
  • No competition.

Practice At Your Own Pace:

Yoga classes to suit your requirements & time frame.

Practice at your own pace and feel free to try something new every day and give your body the time it needs.

Yoga Philosophy:

Study the Yoga Sutras, Sanskrit, Bhagavad Gita, ancient yogic philosophy and more. Learn how to live the yoga life on and off the mat.

Personal Yoga Studio:

Turn any device into your personal yoga studio and practice wherever and whenever you want.

Connect With Your Teacher:

Practice daily with the expert guidance of one of our 80+ teachers. Find the teachers you want to connect to and practice with them every day.

Yoga Gives Back:

Yoga can change the world. Support charities like Yoga Gives Back every time you practice with Omstars with our unique rewards program & yoga challenges.

Yoga community

Yoga Community:

Join a global community of spiritual seekers like you who are committed to living the yoga life

Get started with their NEW 14-day Free Trial option when you sign up for their monthly or yearly memberships.

Discover over 2500+ classes with the best teachers

Dive deeper into your practice with philosophy, meditation & Ayurveda courses

Join a community of spiritual seekers, yoga students & people just like you Be taught by the very best.

Find the right teacher for you and learn from the vast experience of over 100 different teachers all in one place.

Start your practice, learn yoga philosophy, learn how to meditate, and integrate yoga into your life.

A Meeting Place for Yoga Teachers and Students:

Teachers, you can learn how to best serve your students and expand your understanding of Yoga with our unique Teacher-focused courses.

Learn from world-class teachers and bring the workshop experience into your own home.

  • Improve your teaching skills
  • Develop a deeper understanding of sequencing for classes
  • Receive $10 off all Teacher Development courses as an Omstars member
  • Take the pressure out of learning and work at your own pace
  • New releases every week and daily live classes keep everything fresh!
  • New courses, classes, playlists and blogs every week.
  • You will always find a guided session that gets you on your mat and leaves you inspired to practice.



  • Excellent 71%
  • Great16%
  • Average8%
  • Poor3%
  • Bad3%

Yoga Is a Journey…OmStars Takes You By the Hand:

Whenever, wherever…just push play in my tablet and ..breathe and practice. Om stars gives you the chance to practice different styles of yoga and to know amazing teachers.

You just have to find out what you feel.

Besides that you can learn Indian philosophy and literature and then their is pranayama, anatomy…so you can live yoga in every aspect.

OmStars Member Patricia Amado1 review

Magnificent source of Yogic knowledge

OmStars Member1 review

Amazing Classes and Amazing Teachers!

Amazing classes and amazing teachers!

Whatever you want, whatever you need, however you feel – you will find a perfect classes for it.

It is endless source of inspiration and motivation!

I am recommending OmStars yoga channel to everyone.

Useful Share Sumathi1 review

Omstars Came Through On the Refund!

Enjoyed the site for 2 years with me purchasing every year subscription during the black Friday sale.

This year before I could purchase using black Friday sale, the site charged me 150 dollars for annual subscription! without my permission or without notifying or even without sending an email confirmation that my subscription was renewed!!!

This is totally unacceptable, sneaky and shady trying to flounder money without my permission.

I was so upset when i only found out OmStars had charged me, only through my bank statement!!! Really ..this is so sneaky and violating the customer’s wishes and rights.

I have canceled my subscription online, I hope they credit my money back.

If they dont, I plan to take this seriously.

OmStars!! you have a great site with great classes and instructors, but you are very aggravating and arrogant when coming to charging customers without their permission!!

Updating the stars

Reached out to the support team and they refunded the money by taking that honest action.

Certainly good on them.

Thank You OmStars!

The above reviews are just a small portion of the many reviews you can read.

Yoga in the dunes

In Closing:

I have begun a trial period with OmStars to see exactly what it is all about. First impressions are positive and i can see why the majority of reviews are 5 Stars.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this post or this site in general.

I will answer all the comments on my website personally so drop me a line below if you have any Yoga questions or comments.

I’m happy to help any way that I can.


Namaste Shane.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice.  Always consult your doctor or a dietitian before starting any fitness program or making any changes to your diet.


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  1. Hello Shane, its really nice to see this article you’ve shared here. Yoga is really a very good thing and most people who know the benefits are ready to join any platform to story us with it and I really get enjoy seeing people do it. Omstar is indeed a nixie program and this would help a lot of people start your yoga session 


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