Physical Benefits Of Mindfulness Meditation

Physical Benefits Of Mindfulness Meditation which i recently viewed a episode of Catalyst on the ABC network About the physical benefits of mindfulness meditation.

You may have watched this program you may not have. My previous posts are about Yoga, and there benefits.

I have written about meditation in a yoga class environment in previous blogs. This episode of Catalyst was about meditation only, with no physical yoga poses, and how it assisted four individuals in there day to day life.   

They all suffered from a type of physical and mental pain which was affecting there lives in a debilitating way.

Mindfulness Experiment:

Over an eight-week period they practiced in a safe environment with the help of  counselors and at home. There mindfulness meditation techniques to achieve some relief from there pain, and anxieties they were suffering from previous experiences.

The main goal of the experiment, was to gain some insight, in to what could be achieved through mindfulness meditation,

For all individuals to cut back on the reliance of medications, and psychotherapies.

Mindfulness Meditation Beginnings:

Mindfulness meditation roots lie in Buddhism and Indian philosophy which have a connection going back thousand of years.  Popularity of spirituality in western culture started back in the 60’s.

There has been significant amounts of research on mindfulness meditation from Western Doctors, over the last few decades since the counter culture of the 60’s appeared.

From the information I have researched there is a distinct difference in mindful meditation to the practice of meditation only.

Though similar in ways meditation is more about contemplation and visualization.  Where as mindfulness meditation has been called “awareness”, or “witness consciousness”.

Mind and Body Connection:Reach Your Balance

With mindfulness we are really trying to achieve a connection with mind and body.

The body scan I wrote about in my meditation post was mentioned in the Catalyst episode, and how we are trying to identify the pains we have in our bodies from the crown of the head to the tips of our toes.

It was interesting how the lady expressed that she did not want to identify the pain, and just wanted to try to forget that the pain was there. 

numbing the chronic pain with heavy medications was the only option she was using.

With the understanding of a constant practice of mindfulness meditation she may be able to do this without the drugs and psychotherapy that comes with it.

Mindfulness May Repair The Damage:

People experience different trauma’s through out there lives. 

Which over time takes it tolls and can break your mental ability to cope with the day to day feelings of life.

Mindfulness meditation if practiced over a period, remembering there are no quick fixes here must be noted.  Mindfulness meditation may reverse the damage done through a bereavement, or PTSD which is encountered from working in a combat zone.

Stress of a modern day life whether that be work or home, is a big factor in mental exhaustion which causes depression and other associated illnesses.

What Is Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness meditation, a popular form of meditation is practiced all around the world, can be defined as the practice of focusing the mind. A type of meditation that is in the present moment. By focusing our undivided attention to the present moment, we are able to free ourselves from our feelings and   surrounding of low moods or concerns.

Instead, we are able to peacefully view our feelings from above without any judgement and realize they are just that, feelings only. They will come and they will go again, they do not define us.

Mindfulness meditation can help us to become more in touch of our thoughts, and even more so, can reduce the need for us to react to them immediately. You may wish to think of this popular metaphor.

Picture you are sitting, relaxed, by the edge of a peaceful flowing stream, observing your emotions coming and going and then disappearing again. like drifting leaves floating their way downstream.

As we practice mindfulness meditation particularly when you are first learning, if we find our mind wanders off,  We can gently bring ourselves back to the present moment just by focusing on our breath.

Final  Analysis: Buddha on mountain

When starting out with mindful meditation I would suggest 5 to 10 minutes, can be less time if you find it difficult at first. Benefits of Mindfulness is better sleep, and mood.

Research has shown mindfulness meditation has improved short term sleep disturbances for older adults.

Weight loss has also been found to be assisted, when mindfulness was incorporated in to a weight loss strategy. Dieters should be focused on the role there emotions have on their weight loss, than just exercise or calorie control.

Stress levels were reduced, cortisol the stress hormone was found to decrease when mindfulness meditation was practiced.  Loneliness in seniors who had suffered a recent loss of spouse or partner was decreased with mindfulness meditation.

Less negative feeling were experienced.  People attention span were increased. Chronic pain was better managed over time.

Preventing depression relapses, reduced anxiety, increases in grey matter were also found to be attributed to mindfulness meditation.

The list goes on more research will of course be done on this subject over the coming years.

If you have symptoms of the above you need not to suffer in silence.  There are organizations in your area that can help you with such matters.

You just need to make the first step and reach out .

I would love to hear your thoughts about this post or this site in general.

I will answer all the comments on my website personally so drop me a line below if you have any Yoga questions or comments.

I’m happy to help any way that I can.

copywrightNamaste Shane.


Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietitian before starting any fitness program or making any changes to your diet

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  1. I think perhaps majority of people are like that lady who did not want to identify the pain. However, I do think things are shifting-meditation and yoga seems to be a core subject in kindergartens these days-at least what I have noticed. This is a great thing! I am a yoga teacher myself, and I am trying to instil the benefits of meditation and yoga to my daughter often. I really hope it will rub off on her.

    • Hi Liz, appreciate the postive feedback. Resistance to new ways are not unusual. I am sure your way of life will be instilled in your daughter in one way or another. Kind Regards Shane.

  2. Wow. This is phenomenal  I registered for a yoga class last year. In one of the classes we were introduced to Osho. He is a guru in mindfulness. At the beginning it was qeer that I am watching myself without passing any judgement. I can’t just understand it at the beginning but with time I became awakened. It works dear. 

  3. Every meditation Must be mindful but every time you are mindful doesn’t really mean you are meditating. Meditating helps in our everyday life. It helps to reason and know where to make adjustments in life all for the betterment of our lives and to achieve our goals. The benefits of meditation can not be over emphasized. 

    • Thank you for your feedback. You are right in what you say. Hopefully people have a enough time in the day to do both. Kind Regards Shane.

  4. Thanks for sharing an important benefits of mindfulness and meditation. This article is really loaded with important  information that people can doesn’t know about. I have been practicing meditation and am kinda seeing positive result in clearing my head and thoughts. Body pains has reduced, concentration has increased as well. Thanks a lot

  5. Hi Shane

    Mindfulness meditation you said can be done without doing yoga. I mean yoga may be a good thing but, I do Tai Chi and I was wondering if this Mindfulness meditation would be a good addition to my routine. Like you said I will start with 5 minutes and increase it as I can. Thank you for your insight.

    • Hello Kari, love Tai Chi myself, I would say Tai Chi is a  meditative state of mind martial art. Mindfulness or meditation may be practised alone dont see a problem with that. Kind Regards Shane.

  6. Thank you post on the Physical benefits of Mindfulness Meditation. I never knew that Meditation could have such a profound effect on the body. I was wondering if you had instruction on how to do this type of Meditation? For like beginners that have never Meditated before. Great information in the article thank you.

    • Hello Geoffrey, appreciate the feedback, would not say i am expert on the matter. Learning new things all the time. Apart from going to a mindfulness class. The only recommendation i could give you is try insight timer which is an app you can download from the google store. THe app is free and has thousands of meditations for all situations. Kind Regards Shane.

  7. Hi there, thanks for dropping this article about physical benefits of mindfulness meditation. U have just added to my knowledge about mindfulness and meditation. I have always thought they, are the same, so I didn’t bother myself to check or research about them up till now that am reading your article. And I also Know more about the benefits of mindfulness meditation apart from what I knew before

  8. Very educative post. The mind itself needs special treatment but not so many re conscious to what occupies their mind on daily bases. A healthy mindset is a healthy life. Many times people get wary, fade up, depressed is simply because as more bulks of negativities comes into mind, they created to time to relax their mind to have deep breath and in good mood ponder gently on issues with positive thinking. 

  9. Thank you a good read, I didn’t know that there is a difference between  the words, meditation and mindfulness, I just presumed that some people may say mindfulness and others meditation, with both meaning the same. The brain is an amazing and very complex organ and with  the practice of meditation and mindfulness, yes, we can make changes to our body and our lives. What happens, that’s the nitty gritty isn’t it? I did see some of that episode of Catalyst and after 8 weeks the changes in the brain scans was amazing.


      Hello Michelle, Thank you for the feedback.                                                               
      i didn’t know the difference between mindfulness and meditation until i did      this blog.                                                                                                                       I 

      learn so much by doing the research on my posts, which is a great.                                                                                                                                                         Kind Regards Shane Lacey

  10. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness… have definitely piqued my curiosity because many people who practice them repeatedly claim their effectiveness. I’ve never tried yoga and meditation and I’m not sure I’ll ever go for it until I will get the whole picture.

    By the way, you mentioned that mindfulness meditation can actually help with grief, PTSD as a result of working in a combat zone and stress. I wonder how long should one practice this “mindfulness” thing in order to cope? Also, is joining a yoga class more beneficial than doing it at home? 

    •   Hello Alice,                                                                                                              Thank you for your feedback, practicing mindfulness and getting results will      vary person to person.                                                                                                    
      I would personally say to practice mindfulness and yoga meditation should      be 
      done as much as possible.                                                                                        It would best If you enjoyed  yoga and meditation it would be a lot esier to do    not seem like a chore.                                                                                                      I would recommend doing yoga in a class.

  11. Mindful meditation is something I need. Im not sure if I have achieved mindful meditation, but I remember taking 10 minutes of quiet meditation while I lay on a bench with a icecold towel on my forehead in a sauna. I felt such in trance that I experienced much better sleep. In fact, I experienced a lot more lucid dreams which means I am having more frequent deep sleep. But meditation is something that I tend to forget todo on a daily bases. I’ll add itto my reminder from my Alexa amazon echo from now on. Thank you for this post!

    • Thank you for the feedback, really appreciate it.                                                      We can all forget about our minds and how important they are to look after.                                                                                                                                              Kind Regards Shane 


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