Reliancer Cork Yoga Mat Review

Cork Mats, I can honestly say I have only recently heard of this product, within the last month.

I first came in to contact when I was researching other people’s Yoga websites.I was intrigued so this is why I am reviewing this product. I am personally very happy with my current rubber mat so I am not in the market for a new mat.

Reliancer Cork Yoga Mat

Suppliers Description:

  • The Most Professional Set to Get Started. Our professional 4 piece yoga set has all the essential tools to build a solid foundation or take your yoga to the next level.
  • A 72in x 24inx 4mm all-natural cork top & rubber bottom yoga mat.
  • A 3inch thick cork yoga block for proper positioning and support.
  • A extra-long strap with positioning loops work as a carrying yoga strap,
  • A sturdy oxford fabric yoga bag with adjustable strap and double zip closure for carrying your mat and accessories more efficient

Unique Body Alignment:

  • Unique Body Alignment Marker System. Our unique and revolutionary Body Alignment System works as a navigational tool for your Yoga asana practice.
  • The alignment lines help you to focus and adjust your hands and feet to the accurate position, and keep body in proper alignment.
  • The guide lines are ingrained in the mat because of the laser printing (instead of printing with potentially harmful ink), so you don’t have to look down, just touch.

Ideal Thickness:

  • Ideal thickness of 4mm. Our studies show that 4mm in the ideal combination of weight and functionality.
  • An extra 1mm adds on 25% more in weight.
  • If a mat is too thick, it can cause the mat be too heavy.
  • But if a mat is too thin, it will not provide enough cushioning for your workouts.
  • We feel 4mm is the ideal thickness for most workouts. 72”L x 24”W–this is what many yogis describe as the perfect width and length for an average size yogi.

Reliancer Cork Yoga Mat

All Natural Cork:

  • All-natural Cork Top. Did you know most conventional yoga mat are toxic?
  • Please switch to cork and breathe well.
  • Our natural organic cork yoga mats are made of 100% Eco-friendly regenerational oak tree bark, no trees were cut to make this mats, totally organic and natural, odor-free, antibiosis, mildew proof and ventilate.
  • Free from latex, silicone, toxic glues, adhesives, phylathates, TPE, PVC and other harsh chemicals.
  • Our special process ensures our cork surface will never chip like the others.

100% Recycled:

  • 100% Recycled Rubber Bottom Made from all recycled rubber.
  • Compared to TPE, rubber has unparalleled grip whilst practicing, and more eco friendly and is the new standard for yoga mats.
  • Cork mats have been dealt with protection against moisture before delivery from the factory.
  • Water proof mid layer will prevent sweat absorbed by cork layer from going into innermost layer, non-absorbent, moisture-proof, and anti-bacteria.
  • Natural materials create a natural wood texture and perfect resistance of sliding

Reliancer Cork Mat:

I would like to say this is a great package you get the mat, block, straps and a nice carry bag.

As far as comments go they vary greatly on average they ever like it or not like it due to various conditions.

Apparently one customer used it in hot yoga and the heat made it fall apart.

So in saying that most people are happy.

With any product I would make sure this is for you.

If you are completely unhappy with your purchase you can always return the product.

The breakdown of the customer reviews are.

  • 5 stars 74% that would seem very good.
  • 4 stars 21% still good in my books.
  • 1 star 5% not many dislike this product.

Interesting no 3 or 2 star reviews at all.

So on average most people are happy with their purchase.

Reliancer Cork Yoga Mat

Eco Friendly Product:

As I said before I do not own a cork mat, but I’m familiar with cork flooring.

If cork can be used as a flooring it must be durable.

Cork is an Eco friendly product so if that is criteria for you it ticks that box.

The base is recycled rubber which is good for Eco saving again.

Got to expect some rubber for flexibility no way could you have 100% cork.

Not at this stage, you never know what they will invent next.

It has some nice touches such as the markings for your hands and feet to help the newbie.

Hot Yoga:

In the product description the claims are suitable for hot yoga.  There was on review which claims their mat was flaking due to the hot yoga.

Maybe it was a one off situation, as the makers arduously test their products in the factory for such conditions.


For the eco friendly person looking for a sustainable product.


Heat of Hot Yoga may damage the mat.


I personally would like to try before I buy on this mat as it sounds in general a really good product.

I will leave a link which will take you to the Amazon site and you can read more a reviews.

Currently not available other options will be available of a similar quality.

Reliancer Cork Yoga Mat                                          Click Here For Pricing

I would love to hear your thoughts about this post or this site in general.

I will answer all the comments on my website personally so drop me a line below if you have any Yoga questions or comments.

I’m happy to help any way that I can.

copywrightNamaste Shane.

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8 thoughts on “Reliancer Cork Yoga Mat Review”

  1. This may be a beauty of a niche. How did you come accross the idea of hot yoga? This was news to me, but makes sense and sounds relaxing. Yoga can help healing in physical and non-physical ways.

    Are there forums for these kind of groups, I will look into this to discover if there are more ideas because the hot mat has me intrigued. The review is a good summary of pros and cons to help guests make a good evaluation of the net benefits of the product. Yoga is a beautiful work of art.

    Thank you & kind regards,

    Nurse Becca

    • Hello Nurse Becca, 

      Thank You for taking the time to read my post. 

      Hot Yoga is not a yoga i have personally done. 

      My type of Yoga is Hatha Yoga which gets a sweat going on it’s own. 

      Hot Yoga is not really for me but quite popular with a certain group of Yogi or Yoggin. 

      Kind Regards Shane.

  2. I am interested in replacing my rubber yoga mat at the moment so this review comes is timely for me. I like the idea of using a mat that is more environmentally friendly and the Reliancer Cork Yoga Mat seems like a really good candidate to fill that need. 

    The price is also not an issue, there are cheaper ones (not sure about cork based mats, but rubber yes), but I do not mind spending a little bit more to help the environment out. The real issue is will it last. I do not do hot yoga, so the flaking issue that one or two buyers mention would not happen for me.

    The features do attract me as well. The materials sound like they would be comfortable (cork is a bit spongy) yet firm enough to maintain effectiveness, and I like that you get a complete kit with your purchase. Obviously, most people writing reviews feel the same. A 74% high rating (4-5 stars) is great.

    You have convinced me with your review that the Reliancer Cork Yoga Mat is worth a try and I will be ordering one today. I am sure that it will be a perfect replacement for my current rubber mat, which has seen better days. I do use these a lot, so I know no yoga mat will last forever. This one seems to be of high enough quality that it will be serviceable for some time, even with heavy use. 

    • Hello Dave, 

      Thank You for taking the time to read my post. 

      Happy to hear you are a Yoga practioner. 

      The cork mat has many excellent features and is worth a try. 

      It has many good reviews. 

      Nothing lasts forever, and i am sure they would take it back for a return if it was not suitable for your Yoga practice. 

      Kind Regards Shane.

  3. Thank you for sharing, it seems like a very unique yoga mat. This mat looks great, I read the description. I like the unique body alignment marker system and how it works as a navigational tool for yoga asana practice. Also, I like the alignment lines that help people focus and adjust their hands and feet to an accurate position, and keep the body in proper alignment. I would like to try it, and I will share with my friends.

    • Hello Sam, Thank You taking the time to read my post. 

      The cork mat has some excellent features and benefits. 

      I would recommend you giving the mat a try. 

      Kind Regards Shane.

  4. Hello Shane,

    This is a wonderful review about Reliancer Cork Yoga Mat. Everyone knows that if we are healthy we can enjoy everything. We all know that yoga is good for health. When we do yoga then we must need a yoga mat. And this mat must be soft, reliable, carryable. If we have a good mat we can do yoga well. In this review, you mention a mat which is Reliancer Cork Yoga Mat this is a really very cool mat. I want to buy this mat for me and my family. I am impressed with its color design material quality and thickness.

    Thanks a wonderful review. Your review helps me to choose the best thing for me and my family.

    Again Thank you so much.

    • Hello Khobayer, 

      Thank You for taking the time to read my review. 

      Good to hear you are a Yogi practioner.

      Happy you have found a Yoga mat that is suitable for your whole family. 

      Kind Regards Shane.


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