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I am currently writing about yoga tech products and have come across the Tera mat by Lunar. Having been around since 2014 that does make them one of the innovators of yoga tech products.

Being around for that amount of time there is always a lot of information about the product to be found. Which can be a good for research purposes. No need to be a square anymore you can know go round.

The Company:

Fluid is a German company based in Munich and have been around for 12 years, and have a team of creatives, researchers, strategists and designers with international experience and diverse cultural backgrounds.

They strongly believe in a user-centered approach that helps their clients innovate in meaningful ways: to turn great ideas into intelligent strategies, beautiful and engaging products and services that stand out.

How they can transform training equipment into compelling experiences based around beautifully designed, behaviour-inspiring tools for a healthy lifestyle?

The Tera mat is only a small part of their whole company.

They are a large tech company on the cutting edge of high end products.

This should give you the confidence in using their products.

The Product:

The intelligent fitness mat TERA is an elegant carpet that beautifully blends into any contemporary interior.

The Tera app has an intuitive design and guides the user through a series of exercises of varying difficulty levels.

Sensors in the mat can detect pressure and accurately track the user’s body shifts.

The system uses a LED lighting system that shows the user how to do the exercises correctly.

But all of this technology has been carefully wrapped in premium Kvadrat wool.

It transforms seamlessly into an individual high-tech exercise mat with a multitude of functions.

Shifting from design object into high-tech exercise tool

Today’s home training gear is designed for a professional studio environment a habitat very different from our homes.

Conventional training equipment feels foreign in our personal space.

They created TERA, a design concept that combines fitness and fashionable living in a harmonious blend.

TERA shows how home training can be both a beautiful design object and a compelling, behaviour-inspiring tool for a healthy lifestyle.

The accompanying app guides the user through training units of different disciplines like Yoga, Pilates or Tai Bo, all with varying degrees of difficulty.

Is also tracks progress that can be shared with a personal trainer.

Yoga Mat

Picture A Yoga Mat.

It’s likely a rolled up strip of yellow foamy plastic.

It might have a decal on it.

And besides providing a thin layer of padding between you and a hardwood floor, it really doesn’t do a whole lot.

Tera is a yoga mat worthy of the fitness-tracker era.

Designed by Lunar, Tera’s surface area just large enough to encircle one person as they shift from Mountain pose to Downward Dog to Chataranga is embedded with sensors and a constellation of LED lights.

Those sensors track pressure and shifts in body movement, making Tera like a giant touch pad that records data, and then uses said data to cue patterns in the lights, designed to guide your stance and posture.

“If you take gym products and put them in our home, how do you blend them into our everyday life and home?” says Roman Gebhard, a co-founder of Lunar Europe.

Much like the glut of wearable devices now available, Tera’s goal is to weave fitness into the fabric of day-to-day life, rather than regard it as an isolated calendar event.

A Fashion Statement:

“Training and exercise doesn’t have to be a separate activity, where you go somewhere else and change,” Gebhard says.

The key difference, of course, is that it’s furniture. “Tera is almost like a really stylish carpet.”

That’s due in part to the materials:

Lunar sourced the wool from Kvadrat, a Danish company whose eco-friendly textiles upholster furniture from the likes of Vitra, and the Bouroullec brothers.

Tera’s programming extends to a range of activities beyond yoga, such as Thai Bo, Pilates, or Zumba.

Within each category of exercise, there’s the option to tailor the workout.

For instance, Tera can accommodate yoga meant for weight control, or just for strengthening back muscles.

From there, the app functions almost like any other DVD or at-home yoga practice: a series of animations crafted with the expert help of real yoga instructors walk you through your practice.

The app connects to the mat via Bluetooth, cueing up lights along the way.

All that intelligence aside, Tera (and Vela, and Nova) is a nice rug, making it just as functional in passive mode—and that’s exactly the point.


“It should blend into your normal life,” Gebhard says.

We’re proud to officially announce today the TERA fitness mat, our latest design concept in a family of re imagined home exercise products designed by our LUNAR Europe team.

TERA is an elegant exercise mat that blends into any contemporary interior.

It’s designed to accommodate the natural radius of human motion during exercise – including Yoga, Pilates or Tai Bo – smoothing transitions between poses and facilitating an easier and more effective flow during practice.

An innovative LED lighting system guides exercises, while TERA’s sophisticated sensors recognize movement and record pressure exerted on the mat, enabling accurate detection of the user’s body positions and natural weight shifts.

An accompanying mobile application tracks and analyzes each exercise regime, providing the user with feedback that can be easily shared directly with a personal trainer or broadcaster on social media.

Made of eco-friendly shear wool by premium manufacturer Kvadrat, TERA also reflects an expressive design that blends into any home environment.

Tera, a concept by Lunar Europe, is an exercise mat that feels at home in your living room.

Like A Game Of Twister:

Tera really is more like Twister, pulling your attention toward a tangible object.

It’s essentially a glowing game of Twister, in which LEDs guide your hands and feet as you do yoga or Pilates.

When we mention Tera’s similarity to the classic board game, Gebhard doesn’t bat an eye.

So during relaxation, Tera is just a beautiful rug.

During exercise, it transforms into an interactive guide to your health.

“For us it has been really important creating a product that truly feels ‘home’ and non-technical,” explains Roman Gebhard co-founder of Lunar Europe, “almost as an precious piece of furniture, textile or carpet.”

It’s precious furniture, yes, but the clever interaction model at Tera’s heart shouldn’t be overlooked.

Most living room exercise systems are modeled around the television.

Think About It:

“We felt that we wanted to create a truly immersive experience where the user directly in direct touch with the product and not just staring at a screen in the room,” Gebhard explains.

The Tera fitness mat is an innovative interactive concept developed by Lunar Europe that turns home training into a compelling experience and redefines the perception of home fitness equipment.

Using an intelligent surface that detects movement patterns, the Tera is a high-tech piece of fitness equipment that offers a variety of training options for users.

To see some of the options available with the Tera fitness mat, watch the video.


It appears the Tera by lunar mat is still in the development stage.

With all the other Hi- Tech products coming on to the market i’m sure it won’t be long before we see the Tera mat on the floor.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this post or this site in general.

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Namaste Shane.

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