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They say there is no business like show business. I would say there is no business like Yoga. The statistic shows that 36 million people in the US alone were practicing yoga in 2016. Time for an update I say. No big surprise the industry earns billions annually.

Since yoga is a way of living, you can bank on; there is an online community of yoga practitioners. How massive a community are we estimating here?

You only have to look at social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook to know that yoga is huge and only growing. You can count me in as i am big fan of Pinterest; less so Instagram and Facebook even though i have accounts with all social media platforms.

Different social media platforms have benefits for Yoga. You can forget Google; Google Trends show a massive interest in yoga. The countries with the most interest are from Canada, Singapore and the US, plenty of spending power here.

Yoga Worldwide:

An estimate suggests there are 300 million Yoga practitioners worldwide:

Though yoga originated in India, many countries across the world have now claimed it as their own.

While it can be difficult to monitor yoga popularity by country, Google Trend data shows which countries Google the term ‘yoga’ and associated terms the most, which gives a good indication of popularity.

At the present moment, the top five countries googling about yoga were: No surprise with the list below.

Top 5 Countries



  1. Canada
  2. Singapore
  3. Australia
  4. United States
  5. India
  • There are thought to be 300 million yoga practitioners worldwide.
  • Between 2012 and 2016 the number of Americans doing yoga grew by 50%.
  • Approximately one in three Americans have tried yoga at least once.
  • The number of over 50s practicing yoga has tripled over the last four years.
  • Flexibility and stress relief are the most popular reasons for starting yoga.
  • Americans spend $16 billion on yoga classes, clothing, equipment, and accessories each year.
  • There are currently 6,000 yoga studios in the US.

The Stats Don’t Lie:

Attribution to with this graphic:

Yoga Statistics – Compiled and curated by The Good Body

Some Information To Digest:

Some interesting stats above; women are still in the majority when it comes to the practice of Yoga.

Men stats have doubled in the participation rate of Yoga. Marketing Yoga products to women will get the lions share of attention.

There is plenty of good commissions to be made on both sides of the sexes.

These stats will be studied by businesses and affiliate programs so they can best develop products to both sides of Yoga.

Interesting fact that 37% of Yogi children practice yoga.

I can imagine the business world will focus a range of Yoga products for this segment of the market.

Yoga rate for injuries is rising which is of concern.

Business for restorative yoga product and classes will increase. Your Yoga affiliate business can focus on this niche alone.

The whole wellness business can be developed from your Yoga niche once you have traffic coming to your websites.

The Yoga Media:

Yoga, as an industry, is doing well, and is forecast to grow in the coming years.

Popularity in Yoga has not decreased, as more people are trying to stay mentally and physically fit.

As with any popular niche, there are many websites and YouTube channels on yoga.

They all have plenty of viewers; and don’t forget my website

I’m also working on a YouTube channel.

There are many channels on YouTube I will leave a link to my post on the best 7 YouTube channels.

Where there is a following there will be a community of like-minded people that one can join and participate within.

Back In The Day:

When i began the practice of Yoga in the early 2000; yoga was minuscule compared to today.

We have to acknowledge Yoga has a rich tapestry, first beginning in India some 5000 years ago.

Yoga popularity in Western Culture only began in the 20th Century. Guess what we have made up for lost time.

Yoga Affiliate Programs:

The Yoga affiliate programs are many. Here at Wealthy Affiliate they have introduced a whole new section for finding Affiliate Platforms for what ever niche you choose to start a business with.

Amazon has an affiliate associates program worth considering when first starting out, but commissions are low.

ClickBank is one of the first affiliate platforms i signed up for; commissions are far better with ClickBank as they are aiming more for the digital product download.

Where the likes of Amazon are Product based (eg) Yoga props such as clothing and mats etc…

My understanding why commissions are better with a ClickBank product there are lower costs associated with a digital product (eg) a DVD product such as Yoga Burn I will leave a link and you can judge for yourself.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media drives a lot of the marketing of these business.

Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all have influencers who are paid to promote products for associated businesses not just Yoga.

There are many groups / communities you can share your posts on as i do and will do with this post.

You don’t want to blatantly sell on these sites. You need to provide quality content people want to read.

Write quality content build an audience and sooner or later people will begin to trust your brand and buy products from you.

Final Analysis:

The Yoga niche is massive;

I acknowledge there is fierce competition.

You will need to build a better brand.

Stand out from crowd; never give up on your dream of being a business owner of a niche you love.

You will need to have an affiliate marketing plan.

This marketing plan will require you to learn new things that you may of never heard off.

When I first started I looked around for a couple years not sure which way to go.

I had little direction until I came across Wealthy Affiliate offering a free affiliate marketing platform.

No credit card required when you sign up.

I was suspicious at first, as I am that type of person.

I took a chance gave it a go and I have never looked back.

You may want to try for yourself if you are looking at starting a business.

Remember it can be any niche you love, maybe the health industry and wealth industry interest you.

They are two of the biggest affiliate businesses around.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this post or this site in general.

I will answer all the comments on my website personally so drop me a line below if you have any Yoga questions or comments.

I’m happy to help any way that I can.

copywrightNamaste Shane.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietitian before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet

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  1. Excellent article about the Yoga business. I knew that Yoga was fairly popular, but I had no idea it was 300 million people practice it. Just wow. It also doesn’t really surprise me most yoga practitioners are women.  In fact, I’m looking to start yoga myself.  I keep procrastinating.  Anyway, a very interesting and enlightening article!  Thank you!

    • Hello Jade, 

      Thank You for taking the time to read my post. 

      Even i’m suprised at how big the Yoga industry is and the revenue it generates.

      Glad you are considering taking up yoga in the near future. 

      Kind Regards Shane.


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