The iBreve yoga wearable

The iBreve yoga wearable monitors breath, something no other wearables have been able to achieve before.

iBreve is a wearable that analyzes your breathing patterns and provides you with feedback before stress is about to rise, a wearable that is perfect for yoga since breath is the most important part.

With iBreve you get to see data about your breathing, stress levels, and your daily activity.

Its non-intrusive design seamlessly simply attaches to your undergarment, and it can even survive a wash in the washing machine.

However, it’s not available to buy today.

You can Pre-order on their website

About iBreve:

iBreve develops self-care solutions that focus on prevention & promote healthy living.

Two former Google employees have developed the iBreve and are hoping to relieve the world of stress related diseases.

iBreve’s new patent-pending wearable technology analyzes respiratory patterns in real-time, enabling market applications for stress reduction, remote monitoring and chronic disease management.

iBreve won several innovation challenges, received funding for its dedication to sustainability & was featured in large newspapers around the world.

iBreve to breathe


What Is iBreve and What Does It Do? iBreve analyzes your breathing patterns and provides you with smart feedback before stress is about to rise.

A deep breath or a micro-meditation at the right moment instantly reduces your stress level and makes you feel calm.

With iBreve you get helpful knowledge about your breathing, stress levels and your daily activity.

How Is iBreve Different From Other Wearables?

iBreve has been specifically designed for women.

Its non-intrusive design seamlessly fits into your life without thinking about when to wear, when to sync or even forget it in the washer.

Simply attach iBreve to your favorite bra and start breathing smarter today!

Do I need a special bra for iBreve?

No, iBreve can be attached to any bra, even your sport bra!

Simply clip it to your favorite bra and start breathing smarter today!

Does iBreve Work With iPhone and Android?

Yes, iBreve connects seamlessly via Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android phone.

When Is iBreve Available?

In the upcoming months! Pre-order yours now here.

How Do I Pre-Order?

Simply sign-up with your e-mail here and be the first who receives exclusive access to iBreve!

A smart breath at the right time instantly reduces your stress & makes you feel calm.

iBreve provides you with insightful knowledge about your breathing, stress levels & daily activity.

Improve your well-being

iBreve helps you to improve your stress resilience & productivity long-term.

Personalization, Prediction, Prevention, Participation:

Let’s go through each of the 4 P’s of future healthcare and see what new technology is able to contribute.


People are diverse – so is their personal health.

Different DNA’s, different immune systems, living in different parts of the world – to name just a few.

The objective is to adapt healthcare to your personal health system and what is best for you.


Machine learning and artificial intelligence give us new ways to predict health events and enable the foundation of prevention.


This means not only taking actions to prevent a particular disease or symptom, but also contributing to live a healthy lifestyle and prevent a whole range of risk factors, which might impair your health.


To be at the center one’s healthcare treatment sounds obvious, but it is often not.

Clinicians are often under time pressure and treatments are often complex.

The patient needs access to information, self-care and able to take ownership of his or her health.

Unfortunately, stress has become a common place for millions of people all over the world.

In the U.S., 49% of adults have reported experiencing at least one major stress trigger in the past year, according to a study conducted by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health.

The impact of Stress on our physical health has just as much on our mental health.

What if there was a device that could handle stress?

Stop, Breathe and Relax:

When you become too stressful, people advise you to stop, breathe and relax.

iBreve helps you to enhance your stress resilience by analyzing breathing patterns with Machine Learning.

iBreve, the Healthcare WT Innovation World Cup® 2017/18 finalist, can help you to instantly calm down with clinically proven breathing exercises and also monitors your stress level.

The word iBreve is a combination of “I breathe” and “Eve” – as it’s initial focus is on women’s health & well-being.

They are also working on a male version of the device that would be fitted around the waist line.

The iBreve was tested on several people to make sure it is helpful in being a stress management tool.

For example, its makers monitored breathing patterns of office workers and one of the findings was that they were able to correlate ‘holding the breath’ with certain tasks like opening the e-mail inbox.

iBreve for workers

Construction Safety:

Wearables Could Monitor Stress, Risk and Physical Demands:

The iBreve team are working on the treatment side to best find how to help people in stress related situations.

They have included breathing games, mindfulness exercises & customizable reminders in the iBreve app.

They have said the iBreve could be a wearable to use at work.

“Although they see very positive results of people using iBreve at work, they want to clinically quantify the extent of stress reduction.

As part of the EIT Health program they are working on measuring the impact that iBreve has on the user’s well-being & stress level.

To accomplish their mission, they are currently looking for hospitals and patients willing to join them for a 2-month trial period.

iBreve to monitor stress


Their long-term goals are to help people who suffer from anxiety or respiratory diseases.

They want to make daily breathing exercises more fun, motivate them to exercise and enable them to monitor their improvements.

Sounds like another health product to look out for.

This technology will lead to other possibilities with reducing stress around the world.

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  1. Hello there Shane, yoga is an amazing way to keep your body, mind and soul in shape and a really great exercise. I think the ibreve yoga wearable is a great device with a lot of useful features and purposes that will be truly beneficial to every yogi and its great that you’ve recommended it and given such a compelling review of it. 

    • Hello to you as well, 

      Yes yoga is amazing, and even more so with all the new technology that is being created in this modern world.

      All the best to you.

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  2. Hello shane, it’s really a nice idea that these people are interested in the end users of their products and it gives me some level of joy because I’ve stopped yoga classes because I had some really bad wear a and I was somehow restricted when making use of it. I would be very nice to get these one’s that you can war and not feel being choked 

  3. This is a really cool concept. I didn’t know that IBreve was out in the market and it’s perfect for my sister who has had a life long battle with respiratory diseases but that’s focus on improving following exercises suited for her. The concept will make my sister smile. Thank you!


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