Where Is Yoga Heading In the 21st Century? Is It A Bit Of A Stretch?

Yoga will promote physical, mental and spiritual balance and can help you with a foundation of flexibility and contentment. If you experience challenges with balance and mobility, yoga can help you in increasing your strength and tone. Providing you with the confidence you may be looking for in your daily life? This first part of the post is the catch cry of yoga all around the world.

I will look at other types of yoga that have evolved from the 5000 thousand year old tradition of yoga that many of us know. Not to say it has not developed from 5000 years ago already.

It has always and always will. Where is yoga heading in the 21st Century nobody knows?

Is it a bit of a stretch all these new types of yoga’s like; Goat Yoga, Puppy Yoga, Beer Yoga, and now Rage Yoga where will it end.

Like most topics their are many ways of analyzing the progression of Yoga and what will become of it.

I could go all controversial here and say it is just crazy fad. Time will tell on these subjects. As long, as people are doing yoga in some manner it is a good thing. Yoga meaning is about union a joining of community.

Traditionalist may have their reservations about the different yoga options. I say if you are not hurting anyone or anything go and do yoga as it will have far-reaching benefits if you do so.

Urban Yoga Or Is It Something Completely Different?

I will start with a comment I have just read on the Internet about the evolving of Urban Yoga.

The Founder of Urban Yoga I quote “people are really turned off by the traditional way”. This statement can be taken out of context and all i will say is this just a statement or fact based survey of many individuals.

The motivation behind this statement can be wide and varied.

Is it yoga or not are you using it as a basis for a business?

If your not doing the yoga basics maybe call it something else like a Les Mills exercise class for example.

Not saying don’t do the classes at all. Any activity is good for the body and mind.

We are all entitled to our opinions even if they are a bit misconstrued.

Goat Yoga:

Goat Yoga

Would I do goat Yoga not sure about that.

Goat yoga, a yoga practiced with goats a real goat not a stuffed toy or Tom Brady out of context i know, is the latest craze to set the world on fire.

Each class lets you do downward dog alongside barnyard goats. You have to be kidding.

At least they are attempting to do yoga with a twist. Sounds like a little bit of fun would consider trying at least once.

Puppy Yoga:

Puppy Yoga

Similar to goat yoga, but with puppies like the sound of that. Who doesn’t like animals especially puppies.

All the puppies in the sessions come from Animal Rescue, a welfare organization dedicated to improving the lives of local companion animals and providing them with homes.

That is a beautiful thing and maybe you can adopt a dog. One problem i can see how many puppies will you end up bringing home?

Beer Yoga:

Beer Yoga

Beer yoga is a term devised by Brooke Larson of “Beer Yoga, LLC” in February 2014.

Beer yoga or brewery yoga is a form of yoga in which yoga students practice yoga at breweries or tap rooms, sometimes drinking beer while performing yoga moves.

The origin of combining beer and yoga is uncertain but instructors such as Mikki Trowbridge of Yoga and Beer and Melissa Klimo Major of Balance and Brews have been providing yoga classes at breweries since late 2013.

The American business is well-known for hosting yoga classes at fun, laid-back locations, so that participants may try yoga in a non-intimidating, inexpensive environment.

Drinking beer happens after practicing yoga for the majority of American brewery yoga companies. A company started in Germany in 2015.

Known as BierYoga has since become popular in a few countries, such as Australia and Thailand. These places have grown in popularity, as they use the beer bottle during each yoga session.

However, some fitness experts have condemned this type of beer yoga as a gimmick and call it unhealthy.

I can understand there will be critics of such classes. Providing you are not drink-driving, the drinking of beer after the class should not be a problem.

Rage Yoga Is All The Rage:

Finding inner peace, calming the mind, aligning your chakras and taking a pause from the hectic life we are all feeling. Nothing wrong with this so far.

Now there’s, a new group overseas is changing that that stereotype and bringing a new type of yoga class to the American and Canadian markets.

Why would you need to do that? Rage Yoga is all the rage. WTF, sorry got a little rage!

They say you can let of a bit of steam by way of swearing, shouting, or sipping wine between poses. Is rage yoga going to help you find inner peace not sure about that.

All rage yoga instructors are qualified and have completed 200 hours of yoga instructor certification. One instructor quoted as saying we are all angry about something.

The space we provide is safe and a healthy way letting out your rage in a healthy environment. Rage Yoga founder, Lindsay Istace, came up with the concept after feeling “really out of place” in regular yoga classes.

“The super serene and ultra calm environment works well for a lot of people, but it made me feel like I was standing in a library full of gymnasts,” she says on her website. Tranquil music, pretzel shapes, and gentle candlelight may be the hallmarks of the yoga you’re used to.

There’s another more casual style of yoga that includes cursing, beer, and heavy metal you need to know about, Rage Yoga. I left this snippet from an article in regards to rage yoga I will leave a link so you can read the article in its entirety; so not to give the wrong impression.

All i can say as long as nobody get’s offended or verbally abused. Let it all out; can be better than bottling it all in and exploding in a road rage incident.

There seems to be quite a lot more information on rage yoga than any other niche yoga, it must be the rage!

Is Raging Good For You?

Studies have shown there are pros and cons like anything in this world. Under controlled circumstances, it could be OK.

Is this but a reflection of society that we live in. Is anger an issue, probably do we need to release the anger valve, more than likely.

Should You Rage Against The Machine?

It’s not for everyone let’s be honest about that. As long as one is not being abusive to anyone. Providing the yogi is not masking a more serious anger issues. Time will tell on the longevity of the hybrid yoga classes.

Learn To Laugh:

Laughter Yoga

Like Ying and Yang we need to have the opposite of rage and look in to laughter yoga.

I have left the best to last. This is more like what i would like to do. Each to their own like anything not for everybody.

Laughter releases endorphins giving a sense of well-being. When combined with yogic breathing the laughter has far-reaching health benefits.

What is Laughter Yoga?

In the mid-1990s, the Indian physician Madan Kataria developed laughter yoga based on the concept that voluntary laughter could provide the same health benefits as spontaneous laughter.

Soon after it spread worldwide, sparking the creation of Laughter Yoga Clubs where people would gather to practice.

Laughter is initiated through exercise. Students do not have to practice any yoga postures. All you need to do is laugh.

There are well over 8,000 laughter clubs in 65 countries.

Sebastien Gendry, CEO of the American School of Laughter, puts it in the context of laughter wellness. “Laughter is the tool.

Yoga is the end.” He adds, “It’s not about happiness but finding meaning through practice and understanding that how we feel is a choice.”

How Do You Practice Laughter Yoga?

Classes start with some interaction and talk about laughter. The group will start with some stretching and breathing exercises. Then the laughter starts and ends in meditation. This type of yoga, laughs should come from the diaphragm. Those full belly laughs provide the most benefits. There are four steps.

  1. Clapping and chanting
  2. Laughter yoga breathing
  3. Childlike playfulness
  4. Laughter yoga exercises

Benefits of Laughter Yoga:

Laughing for a sustained period is key to reaping the health benefits of this type of yoga. Classes routinely help students laugh steadily for 15 to 20 minutes.

The results? Increased oxygen intake and blood flow, improved blood vessel function, and lower blood pressure. This helps protect your heart, boosts energy, dissolves stress and allows you to gain focus.

Gendry, also the founder of Laughter Online University, describes the value of laughter yoga as a complement to low-impact cardiovascular exercise for seniors.

It requires no special equipment or environment, and it’s universally available. Plus, it’s fun and can easily be practiced at home. As Gendry puts it, “In a sedentary age of sharply rising health care costs and mental health challenges, laughter yoga’s benefits and accessibility ought to gain more public attention.”

Benefits Of Laughter Yoga

  • Body: It makes you feel relaxed and energized; stress and pain melt away.
  • Mind: Your mind becomes sharper and clearer.
  • Emotions: You feel more grounded.
  • Social: You feel more connected to the surrounding people.
  • Spiritual: It boosts self-esteem, making you feel more at peace and trusting.

The saying goes fake it until you make it. That is what laughter yoga is all about.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine:

Laughter has been shown to decrease cortisol, the body’s stress hormone. When this hormone is elevated it can cause issues like high blood pressure, weight gain, and memory loss.

It also increases endorphins, which lowers pain in the body. Yoga has been shown to decrease cortisol and increase endorphins. No harm in trying this type of yoga.

A study of 50 subjects who have depressive disorder, the ones who utilized laughter yoga plus talk therapy and medication saw a decrease in their symptoms.

While those in the group who only used talk therapy and medication had a slight decrease, but not nearly as drastic as the laughter yoga group.

After 3 months without laughter yoga, the group reported their depressive symptoms returning. Interesting to see you need to maintain the practice of laughter; no quick fixes here.

Final Analysis:

How to begin it is so hard to decide what to do. Urban yoga no reason not to do it. Not sure why you would call it yoga. Goat Yoga not for me but has a strong connection with yoga. Puppy yoga far to cute to do, still has a strong connection to yoga. Beer yoga not for everyone.

Under the right conditions can see some benefits. Rage Yoga underlying issues here. Could help certain people with those issues.

Laughter Yoga not entirely any yoga being practiced here could be an incorporated with rage yoga just a thought. Providing you are being social any reason to do an activity is a good one. One final thing not trying to be controversial in any way.

Everybody has different options in life and you are the best judge on what is best for you.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this post or this site in general.

I will answer all the comments on my website personally so drop me a line below if you have any Yoga questions or comments.

I’m happy to help any way that I can.

copywrightNamaste Shane.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietitian before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet

4 thoughts on “Where Is Yoga Heading In the 21st Century? Is It A Bit Of A Stretch?”

  1. Wow, this is a really great post on rare yoga. I have never heard of any of this yoga’s I’ve seen here and they are quite funny makes me wonder if they’re really effective. I have a yoga trainer friend at the health centre where I’m registered and I think he’ll really need to see this.. I’d go all in for the laughter yoga though, I like the concept. Thanks for the informative post

    • Hello Henderson , 

      Thank You for taking the time to read my post.  

      Pass this on to your yoga trainer if you think he may like it. 

      Laughter yoga would be the best one to try for me. 

      Regards Shane.

  2. Yes, yoga as been existing since age and am so surprised seeing people naming different kind of yoga different from the traditional yoga. I am always seeing yoga as thesame physical and brain exercise and am very sure this purpose can’t be changed no matter the evolution. Yoga as been a great helper for me to curb anxiety, sleeplessness. It usually strain my body and give me ability to assimilate very quickly.

    • Hello Stella,  

      Thank You for reading my post. 

      Yoga is forever changing, i’m not convinced for the better.

      Happy to hear you get a benefit out of yoga yourself.

      Regards Shane.


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