Yoga For a Fresh Perspective

Yoga is practiced the whole world over by people wanting to free up their mind from stress/anxiety and to strengthen their bodies. Pressure from stress and a great many other factors are some of the main reasons why people turn to yoga. Why wouldn’t they want in return a healthy body and a fresh perspective on life.

Yoga has proven to give beneficial rewards to millions of people in helping them to keep in shape while at the same time assisting them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Your health and yoga is a match made in heaven.

Yoga exercises and the people who practice regular routines are finding it easier to cope with stress on top of easing body aches and pains.

Without a doubt, it is a force in its self to help combat anger outbursts, frustration and depression. By practicing yoga under the hands of experienced teachers you are certain of banishing any displeasure you may have.

Yoga is very effective in the way it takes control over this displeasure and replace them with positive thoughts.

People are turning to such exercises because of the relaxed thinking it leaves on the mind and where all your cares and woes are put on hold. It also helps relieve those ailments that come with every day life. Exercising your body in yoga asanas is a great way to heal your body naturally.

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Yoga your way to physical and mental fitness

Although considered by many simply as an exercise fad, yoga practice has in fact helped thousands of people in improving their physical and mental fitness.

Remember the golden rule of never judging a book by its cover; if you think that yoga is all about bending and breathing and nothing else, think again.

Remember workouts can be done at home if preferred.
In fact, yoga practiced at home can prove to be more relaxing because you are in control over your own moves unless of course you are following a routine put together on a YouTube.

Exercises like Hatha Yoga may be the best for you. For the best effects to take place this exercise has to be practiced consistently otherwise no results will be gained?

Concentration is very important to adhere too when doing yoga; any distractions can upset the mind. When in practice at home there are no set times to when you start and finish.

You may find first thing in the morning is perfect where there are no interruptions. Set your self in the mood then choose which room in the house your yoga will take place and open a window for ventilation.

Yoga for enlightenment

The practice of yoga has been around for more than four thousand years. Its origins can be traced back to India where even today, it is considered a highly valued practice to reach a state of enlightenment. Yoga as a means to gain enlightenment is a central point in several religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

In other parts of the world, the popularity of yoga is because of its many health benefits and its use with the asanas of Yoga.
Besides reaching a spiritual state of enlightenment, yoga can also help individuals reach a better understanding of not only their bodies but their inner selves as well.

When practicing yoga, you’ll notice that you’ll be concentrating on three main points

Body Positioning or Posture

Breathing Techniques

Meditating Techniques

Advantages of Yoga Treating Back Injuries

Yoga can heal back injuries that you may have, by increasing the blood circulation for your injured tissues to heal faster and also strengthening your lower back muscles; yoga may also assist in several ways to heal other injuries.

Prevention Is the best cure

Another by product of Yoga is the power to reduce the chance of re-injuring yourself, shorten the time needed to recover from injuries and serve as a regular exercise to preventive maintenance.

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Mental clarity and Improved stress control

The quiet and deeply relaxing techniques used in yoga would help you have a better state of mind every day at work and better control of your stress levels

A better understanding and general well-being will find yourself amazed with how much at peace you feel with yourself when you start practicing yoga regularly.

Generally better physical health other than getting that toned body you’ve been wanting, yoga will also help in refreshing your internal organs, maintain a better posture, and better sleep, all with the help of yoga.

Tips for Yoga Practice

Classes or Private Lessons?

When you’re about to join a yoga class, make sure that you’re joining a class whose style fits your needs.

Choose a class schedule that you can regularly attend. If you only attend a class or two every two months, that’s sort of defeating the point of joining a class in the first place.

On the other hand, if you’re not the social type, you can always attempt yoga practice at home and within the comforts of your own home.

The only disadvantage to this is the chance that you’re not doing something right and the possibility of causing harm to yourself.

The best compromise, in this case, would be to attend a yoga studio with a qualified teacher for a lesson or two or until you know enough to practice on your own.

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People today are plagued by stress brought on by pressure from work commitments to running the home and much more.

Yes changes have dramatically altered but in our best interest where health matters is a major concern.

True that anyone can technically do Yoga but there are certain difficult poses that would be impossible or dangerous to attempt if you are troubled with past injuries or disabilities.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this post or this site in general.

I will answer all the comments on my website personally so drop me a line below if you have any Yoga questions or comments.

I’m happy to help any way that I can.


Namaste Shane.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice.  Always consult your doctor or a dietitian before starting any fitness program or making any changes to your diet.






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  1. Thanks for this. I understand you and what you have said about yoga and the prospect of having to live life from another point of view entirely based on what we have with us.  I like all that has been presented here and honestly, this is quite amazing to see. Thanks for sharing with us here

    • Hello Isaak, 

      Thank you for your feed back. 

      Good to see you understand the yoga perspective and what it offers.

      Continue your yoga journey. 

      Namaste Shane.

  2. Hello there, thank you so much for sharing this. this is a very awesome piece and a very detailed one. I’m really happy I came across this.  Reading about this article yoga for a fresh perspective sounds really amazing. I have to say this I tried yoga several times, it was really helpful to me. I couldn’t have been able to meditate and also freshen up if not because of yoga. This article was indeed informative 

    • Hello Charity, 

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post. 

      Happy to hear you have tried yoga before. 

      Meditation is great for the body and mind.

      Keep up the yoga routine you wont regret it. 

      Namaste Shane. 


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