Yoga Products Review 2021

In this edition of yoga products review for 2021 will include Aerial Yoga Hammock Swing a bolster and yoga cushion you may need.

Aerial Yoga Hammock Swing:

Yoga Aerial


Product Description:

Unit Includes:

1x Aerial Yoga Hammock Swing

Complete Ceiling Mounting Kit including Timber Mounting Screws in addition to Masonry/Concrete Dynabolts

Printed Instruction Manual for straightforward Aerial Swing and Mounting Installation

Extender Straps and Carabiners:

Hessian Storage Bag; Use at home or pack away and take your Aerial Yoga Hammock Swing with you!

Ultra-Strong Load Capacity (see Specifications for Details)

Silk Nylon Material; Stronger. Milder and more Comfortable to use than Inferior Polyester Products

Ideal for Aerial and Anti-gravity Yoga, Aerial Dance, Aerial Fitness, Suspension Yoga and Pilates, Meditation, Inversion Therapy, Building Core Strength, Fitness, Co-appointment and Flexibility.

Our Comprehensive Kit is Packaged as a Complete Set;

Perfect Gift for the Yoga Fitness Guru or Yoga Beginner to Practice their Aerial Yoga Skills in the Comfort of their Own Home!



Material – High Strength 100% Silk Nylon
Shading – Teal
Estimate – 5 meter x 280cm
Swing Hammock Weight – 1.1kgs
Roof Mounts Rated – 250kgs each
Extender Straps Rated – 400kgs each
Titanium Carabiners Rated-400kgs each


We are so Confident you will Love this Aerial Yoga Hammock Swing Kit that you can Rest Assured with our 30-day Money Back Guarantee and Free 1-Year Replacement Warranty!

Aussie Home Improvements – Aerial Yoga Hammock Swing Kit with Mounting Kit – Silk Hammock for Home and Indoors – Includes Instructions and All Accessories – Adjustable Size

by Aussie Home Improvements
5.0 out of 5 stars 1 client survey


Everything you have to set this up at home is incorporated.

Roof mounts, extender lashes, carabiners and guidance manual.

Mounting screws and dynabolts are appropriate for both cement and timber bracket roofs, which means you don’t have to depend on having a presented bar to mount to.


Softer and more grounded than mediocre polyester items.

Simple consideration; wrinkle, stretch and psychologist safe launderable material.

Tough and breathable 5 meter length is longer than most items and can be abbreviated to your particular roof tallness.


Ideal for the individuals who experience the ill effects of back torment, extraordinary for structure center quality, usually utilized for reversal treatment and spinal decompression.

Not only for grown-ups, this is an amazing route for children to improve quality, wellness, coordination and adaptability.


Strong equipment to guarantee security and prosperity. Roof mounts, carabiners, extender ties and the swing hammock are altogether appraised to 500kgs.

However, this all gauges 2.6KG’s and accompanies a helpful convey sack should you need to take your swing hammock from home to an expert class.


If you’re not totally happy with your Yoga Hammock Swing pack, rest guaranteed with our 30-day unconditional promise!

The Aussie Home Improvements Aerial Yoga Swing accompanies a problem free 1-year free substitution guarantee.

The Yoga Accessories Deluxe Bolsters:



Product Description:

The YogaAccessories Deluxe Bolsters are the heaviest support accessible!

Gauging an entire 9 pounds, these extra thick reinforces are the ideal help for various yoga presents.

Your yoga reinforce ought to be firm enough to enable you to handle those additionally testing postures, and these luxurious supports will enable you to achieve further and more secure.

Spot one under the back, shoulders, and head to help open up the chest and extend the spine.

Utilize one in seating postures to avert grasping of the abs during forward bends.

Made with 100% common cotton, you will find that they are firm enough to give full help, yet delicate enough to be very agreeable.

The Deluxe Round Cotton Yoga Bolster is 28” long, 10” in measurement, has a zippered opening to evacuate filling for stature modification, and just from YogaAccessories!

YogaAccessories Max Support Deluxe Round Cotton Yoga Bolster Black

by YogaAccessories

4.5 out of 5 stars 230 audits from

Worldwide Product from outside Australia

Therapeutic YOGA STAPLE:

Round Yoga Bolsters are incredible for remedial postures, for example, “Advantages the Wall”; the round profile gives smooth progress to a progressively agreeable rest.


Quickly expel the internal cotton batting to achieve your ideal fill level and hit each posture without agonizing over undesirable twisting or hanging.

100% COTTON:

YogaAccessories reinforces are not loaded up with engineered froth, only a soft cotton filling.

At the point when required expel the cotton spread and toss it in the clothes washer.

Wonderful TEXTILES:

Choose from our well-known cluster of shaded round yoga supports that element handles on either side for shipping to and from the studio or rec center.

Measurements – Measures 28″ long x 10″ diameter:

Sol Living 100% Organic Cotton Zafu Meditation Cushion:

Yoga Cushion


Product Description:

Colour: Grey:

Sol Living 100% Organic Cotton Zafu Meditation Cushion, Meditation Cushion with Full Back Support and Core Stability, Durable Eco-Friendly Meditation Pillow

By Sol Living:

4.6 out of 5 stars 3 surveys from

Note: Not qualified for Amazon Prime.




This yoga extra is sturdily built from strong materials

Made to last this yoga cushion effectively withstands mileage from expanded Use

This yoga cushion is sufficient for consistently Use during your every day exercises.

A strong development and solid materials make this reflection cushion perfect for ordinary use.

Eco-accommodating solace. Delicate 100% natural cotton make this reflection cushion manageable and agreeable. Balancing out help.

Adjusts to your body, permitting this reflection cushion to give durable help and security for your back, center, and body.

Quality Certification:

This zafu reflection cushion is produced using the best quality materials, and we remain by the nature of this product.

Your fulfillment is imperative to us, and we are glad to help settle any issues you may have with your buy.


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6 thoughts on “Yoga Products Review 2021”

  1. I’ve been searching for ways to unclogged my mind and in the recent site that I visited, I was taught Zen strategies on unloading unwanted thoughts. Now, I want to try Yoga this time as it seems compatible with the Zen’s teachings. 

    I’d like to know, do they have other materials for the hammock other than the silk nylon material? In my opinion, nylon traps heat and when you’re doing Yoga, your body can sometimes heat up. But maybe that’s just my opinion and can change the moment I get this hammock on my hands.

    • Hello Gomer, 

      Thank You for reading my post. 

      Check this website out they also do hammocks by Shiyan

      I would say they choose nylon for it’s strength. 

      Regards Shane.

  2. Cool, such interesting accessories that i never knew existed in the yoga world. Like the yoga hammock! I’m shopping for my girlfriend. These will definitely improve her daily yoga routine. Do you know how many colors this product comes in? Also, does the meditation cushion come in other colors as well, besides grey and tango. Do you know if it’s comfortable to sit in for very long extended periods of time?

    • Hello, 

      Thank You for reading my review. 

      That hammock is available only one colour teal. Other suppliers do other colours check this site by Shiyan

      Cushion only in those two colours.

      What colour are you after?

      I can check for you. 

      The comfort factor is hard to say as i do not own one personally. 

      You get used to sitting in a posture over a long time period. 

      It does get easier the more you practice. 

      Regards Shane.


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