Yoga Realignment For Body and Mind

The various poses that are used throughout yoga are all designed with a specific purpose in mind and that is to create harmony within the body and the mind.

By focusing on the realignment of the spine the body becomes balanced on both the left and the right side and this balance helps to avoid injuries that are associated with any imbalance.

Internal Massage

Internal Massage:

Some people refer to this system of balancing the body as an internal ‘massage’ Those people who already practice yoga will understand what I mean about this as it can be likened to having a stress relieving therapeutic massage without the need for a massage therapist.

Rather than targeting the outside of the body yoga helps to strip away many internal areas of resistance that have been built up over the years of coping with a particular lifestyle.

By stripping away these layers, both physical and emotional, the body and the mind become free of the burdens that stop them from performing as they should in a relaxed yet powerful manner.

Eliminate Negativity:

Yoga helps to unearth and eliminate unwanted negative habits and emotional baggage that deteriorates the quality of life.

This freedom that yoga makes available brings heightened levels of spirituality that most people never get to experience unless they do yoga or some form of meditation.

As the body begins to release these constrictions so does the mind and they begin to work with one another to bring about levels of calm and contentment that couldn’t be enjoyed otherwise.

Lengthen the body

Lengthen Your Body:

Gravity can take it’s toll on the body over the passing years and we are all aware of the fact that we lose a little height as we age, so people often ask whether it is possible to lengthen your body through any specific yoga exercises.

Any yoga poses that actively open up your spine and particularly those that are done in an inverted position will help to reverse some of the negative effect that gravity has on the body.

As the spine represents a large portion of your overall height then even a small improvement in this area can help to restore some of the height that you once had and has been lost due to the compression effect of gravity over the years.

As We Get Older:

As people age it will also generally effect their posture and the fact that elderly people often stand in a stooped manner is a major reason for some of the loss of their height.

Anything that will improve a person’s posture and help them to stand straight will also help them to stand tall and yoga is highly effective in improving posture for people of all ages.

So you can certainly expect to reverse some of that shrinking feeling you have as you age by using yoga poses to reverse the effects of gravity.

Osteoporosis is a major problem that many people have to live with as they age and it is particularly more of a problem with elderly women.

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Reduce The Effects Of Osteoporosis:

Yoga can help many of these people to reduce the effects of osteoporosis on two different fronts.

Firstly yoga is one of the best methods of helping people to get a better posture and in doing so it also assists in helping to strengthen all the supporting muscles and tissues that help you to retain that posture.

By keeping your body in alignment there is considerably less strain on your joints, bones, tendons and ligaments.

The other way that yoga helps reduce the incidence of osteoporosis in elderly people be by improving and assisting in all the other functions of the body thereby lifting the overall health of the person to a higher level.

The improvements in the circulatory system and digestive system ensure that the maximum benefits are retained from the food that is consumed and this helps to boost nutrition.


Yoga Assists With Osteoporosis:

Osteoporosis is made worse by a lack in suitable nutrition of essential elements and anything that can be done to improve this and ‘feed’ the body its necessary requirements will help to ward off osteoporosis.

Yoga is one such method of assistance and the fact that it can have such a big impact on digestion and elimination, apart from the other factors mentioned previously, shows why yoga is a wise choice for quality of life as we age and particularly those people who are more susceptible to getting osteoporosis.

As with any other part of the body from the muscles to the skin, the bones can be strengthened from regular quality exercise and there is no other exercise better than yoga to give the body an all over fitness boost at any age.

For some people there seems to be no alternative in their life other than to accept the fact that they have to live with chronic pain each day of their life.

The pain can also stop them from doing specific forms of exercise.

Medications rarely help and often they have other side effects that cause problems that add another factor to the difficulties the pain sufferer has to endure.

Obviously then an alternative method of pain management where medications aren’t required or where they can be reduced is welcomed by these people.

Helps To Manage Pain:

Yoga offers the opportunity to help people manage their pain and sometimes eliminate it from their life.

When we feel pain it naturally causes the body to become tense and tighten the muscles in the area of the pain.

This natural reaction actually makes the pain more intense and using simple yoga relaxation techniques will help to retrain the body’s response to the pain.

Breathing techniques that are taught in yoga help the body to become more relaxed and without the additional tension in the muscles the pain can be reduced somewhat.

Yoga on the deck

Improve Your Posture:

As an added benefit, simply by improving your posture you will appear healthier and younger as a good posture is often representative to many people of youth.

If you look younger and feel younger and make an effort to use yoga to reverse the body clock you will not only stand taller but you will be likely to live a lot longer too.

Your skeletal muscles will also have an opportunity to rest and revitalize and that in turn will help you to retain a better posture later into your life.

The Body As A Whole:

Yoga exercises also help to strengthen the body as a whole and quite often the additional strength and flexibility that is gained from yoga in other areas of the body is sufficient to reduce the pain considerably in the affected area and in many cases eliminate it completely.

For these reasons yoga can become very addictive even though yoga in itself helps to release people from addictions.

The addiction I am talking about here is a positive one where those who do yoga on a regular basis feel so much more positive energy.

That they want to continue along the path that has been presented to them with this newfound way of living.

As people become more advanced with their yoga training they will be able to calm themselves and relax more easily and when they feel pain they will be able to instantly relax and reduce the impact of the pain.

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These relaxation techniques also help the brain to release more of the positive chemicals that not only make the person feel better, but help to reduce the effects of the pain.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this post or this site in general, and I will answer all the comments on my website personally so drop me a line below if you have any Yoga questions or comments.

I’m happy to help any way that I can.


Namaste Shane.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietitian before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.


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  1. Hello, I’m into a yoga class myself and I can say this for sure yoga is just like any other exercise, be it cycling or swimming. Having good alignment keeps your joints in their proper position. In addition, it helps prevent your spine, joints, and muscles from getting into awkward angles and positions. But I have a question.. Does yoga improves the sex life? 

    • Hello Patrick, 

      Thank you for your comments and question. 

      To answer your question i would say yes as yoga improves all parts of the body. 

      Namaste Shane.

  2. Hi Shane, as a semi regular practitioner of yoga I definitely agree that I feel an incredible difference every time I attend a class at my gym. I am female and have a desk job, so hunching and poor posture are big problems! Even only going twice a week to yoga has been very helpful in reducing back pain and improving my posture. It has also reduced the number of visits needed to my physio which is a bonus. Thank you for writing such a helpful and detailed article.

    • Hello Gigi, 

      Thank you for reading my post.

      I am happy to see you have received great benefits from your yoga practice.

      Appreciate the positive feedback.

      Namaste Shane.


  3. Your step by step guide is very helpful for me. I know few things about yoga but still not aware about the benefits we get if we do them daily. Your article helps me to understand the power of yoga and its benefits. Your relaxation techniques also help the brain to release more of the positive chemicals that not only make us feel better, but help to reduce the effects of the pain. Very helpful for everyone.

  4. Your guide on Yoga is very helpful for everyone. Yoga helps to unearth and eliminate unwanted negative habits and emotional baggage that deteriorates the quality of life. As the body begins to release these constrictions so does the mind and they begin to work with one another to bring about levels of calm and contentment. Yoga can help many of these people to reduce the effects of osteoporosis. Thank for your efforts.


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