Yoga (Strike a Pose)

Simhasana – The Lion Pose:

Lions roar

Yoga has used nature and wildlife as it reference point to which there are so many asanas related to it.

Simhasana is one of those asanas which adds glory to your face and you can easily see the difference.

Even though Simhasana mean lion pose if taken the literal meaning, in Sanskrit simha means ‘the powerful one’.

It emits lot of force when you perform this asana.

Similar to the roar of the lion this asana is performed in the exact fashion to draw as much usefulness as possible.

The asana depicts the fierceness of the lion which benefits those parts of the body where it is stretched and pulled.

This asana is very different to other asanas as it benefits your face which many of the asanas are not able to do it.

Simhasana pose

It benefits your face, jaw, mouth, throat and tongue.

If you have sore throat problems this asana proves to be very useful.

Problems like tightness of the jaw like teeth grinding, clenched jaws can get some relief by performing this asana regularly.

This asana involves the stretching of the tongue as you are required to mimic the roaring lion.

It can be treated as a very good asana which can remove your wrinkles and can be stated as an anti-ageing yoga asana.

We pay lot of attention to the other parts of our body and hardly take care of our face while performing the yoga asana.

This asana shows that we are in right direction and this asana could prove to be very much essential of our lives.

The muscles and tissues of your face have restored their lost charm to make your face more radiant than ever.

It makes your face a beaming glory by performing this asana.

The stretching and pulling stimulates the nerves to give you a refreshed look.

The gaze which is used in the asana helps your eyes by keeping it shiny and bright.

It removes the tension from the eyes and also clears burning sensation which you keep feeling in your eyes.

It helps your hands and fingers as it stretches them while performing this asana.

Many of the diseases related to face, tongue, vocal cords back and anus can be treated by this asana.

It adds confidence in your posture and your character.

Your voice also improves by performing this asana.

Suffering from neck or backache this asana can relieve you from this problem.

Bound Angle pose

Baddha Konasana:

Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle Pose) is also known as the Cobbler’s Pose because of the similarity to a cobblers sitting position.

It is an excellent asana which helps your groin and hip position.

It is a forward bending asana which starts off from Staff Pose or Dandasana.

You have to bend your knees by bringing the soles of the feet together.

This forward bending asana is very different to the other forward bending asanas. The focus area in this asana is to open the hip and help the pelvic area.

This help to the pelvic area stimulates the reproductive organs which are of great help to women as well as men.

The performance of this asana also helps in alleviating the menstrual pain problems.

It is very useful to have a comfortable child birth, if practiced regularly during the period of pregnancy.

Also, clears menopause related problems.

Baddha Konasana stimulates the abdominal organs as well as the ovaries, prostate gland, bladder and kidneys.

It energizes your heart which improves the blood circulation and provides the all needed help to your body.

This asana stretches the inner thigh, groin and knees which gives your body an agile and toned look.

If you have problems like depression or anxiety this asana can help you overcome that problem.

People with sciatica problem can also be treated by performing this asana regularly.

It is a great asana because of its tremendous benefits for our aching and paining body.

Known to be a treatment for flat feet and similar other problems to be dealt by this asana.

The practice of Baddha Konasana prevents the attack of many other diseases.

The forward bending asana helps in opening the back of the Anahata chakra.

It can be greatly used for back pain problems.

This asana should either be done in the beginning to open up the hips or at the end to relax your body.

You should avoid doing this asana if you have a groin or knee injury.

It is very important to perform this asana while sitting on a blanket as it gives support to your thighs.

This asana is very important if it is done properly and enough time is given on every step.

This is a very hard pose to manage on your own; maybe you should take help from your yoga teacher or a partner.

You can make this pose much deeper by adding variations to it.

The can be done by stretching their arms out in the front with the palms on the floor and forehead placed on the ground by extending the spine.

Tortoise and tree

Ardha Kurmasana – Half Tortoise Pose:

Ardha Kurmasana is also known as Half Tortoise Yoga Asana.

Due to its resemblance to a tortoise it is known as the tortoise pose.

This yoga asana can prove to be very beneficial to your body in every possible way.

By performing this asana regularly and properly our bodies can be rejuvenated.

The organs get stretched to its maximum with every movement of this asana.

The shoulder movement gets improved and so does the muscles in the corresponding areas.

The abdominal muscles get toned and become more flexible.

The asana stretches the lower part of the lungs which is good for your breathing.

It also increases the lung capacity which proves to be crucial if you have breathing problems like asthma.

The pressure put on your neck and head improves migraine problems.

It can be stated as a stress buster due to its stress relieving capacity.

Stomach related problems are solved too.

If you suffer from indigestion or constipation this asana helps to improve it greatly.

The digestive system is up and running with the help of the asana.

Fresh supply of blood is provided to each and every organ for a smooth flowing bodily system.

It relaxes the brain by the fresh supply of blood.

Many of your sleeping problems are addressed by performing this asana.

It is a good cure for insomnia.

Backache problems can termed as a thing of past.

Ardha Kurmasana stretches the spine which relieves you from any backache or spine problems.

Due to the level of blood circulation, your heart remains fit and fine.

The bending and stretching increases the level of flexibility of your arms and hips.

Toning gives great shape to your body which keeps you positive and healthy.

The internal organs are massaged very well to bring the extra zest needed for your body.

It serves as a great remedy for anemic as well as diabetic patients.

The pressure on the thigh and legs makes it strong and sturdy.

It also tones the thigh muscles due to the position in which the asana is done.

The spine is elongated by the stretch provided during the asana.

It is a benefit in disguise, as it cures many ailments.


Why not try some of these exercises yourself?

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  1. Hi,

    I have breathing problems, I’m going through a lot of stress and also migraine problems. I think that one of my best options when it comes to positions would be Ardha Kurmasana. I can try all the rest but this one won’t be out of my yoga routine. Thank you very much for this post!

    • Hi Ann, 

      Thank you for reading my post. 

      Sorry to hear you have a lot of stress in your life. 

      Please practice Ardha Kurmasana as much as you like.

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