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With so many useful apps available, the YogaTrail review will give you a snapshot of what they have to offer. Launched in 2013 by a small team of international yogis who simply wanted to offer people everywhere an easier way to find great teachers and studios. YogaTrail has since grown to become the World’s Yoga Network for yogis.

About the Team

While some of them are ex-yoga teachers, for the most part, their small team is just made up of people who love yoga. None of them could be called an expert or authority on any particular style of yoga.

So why create YogaTrail?

They have sampled a huge amount of yoga classes in many styles, with all types of teachers, at many studios, and they’ve also tried out a huge range of resources for self-practice.

Discovering and experiencing all this variety, and getting to know all those people have been wonderful.

The time spent searching the internet trying to figure out what’s out there and to keep up with their favorite teachers and studios also resulted in frustration.

Because teachers are usually freelancers who work in many places, they have spent almost the same time working out where and when a class would be coming up as they did actually practice yoga in the class.

They spent a lot of time grappling with the question:

How do you quickly work out what your upcoming yoga options are?

That’s how YogaTrail was born:

A single purpose platform to serve the yoga community by helping yoga instructors to manage their business and by keeping yogis in the loop with their teachers and studios.

It’s about planning your practice and upcoming yoga events, rather than endless scrolling through, inspirational quotes, random “news” and never-ending selfies.

YogaTrail offers something no other platform does:

Fast and easy access to all the classes from your favorite teachers and studios in one place Your Class Guru.

This means that when you follow a teacher or studio on YogaTrail all their classes are consolidated for you into a simple view.

So you can check out schedules and plan your practice without having to open lots of different websites or Facebook pages.

YogaTrail keeps you updated with notifications whenever any provider you follow on the site has class cancellation, new classes, new events, holidays, etc).

You get all that directly to your inbox or even on your phone with the YogaTrail Mobile App.

The World’s Yoga Network

With hundreds of thousands of yoga teachers, studios, and retreat centers, YogaTrail is also the most comprehensive resource for any one looking for yoga classes public or private and events around town, or around the world.

If you’re traveling, it’s the best way to find your yoga on the road.

Thousands of yoga classes and events are posted every week on YogaTrail, so whether you’re interested in taking a private class, seeing what local events are happening, or you’re searching for the perfect yoga getaway, a teacher training, or even a big yoga festival it’s all there.

Yoga Trail is a community-powered platform.

Yoga teachers and studios set up and manage their own profiles, and you can contact them directly with questions about their offerings.

If your teacher or studio isn’t on the site yet, you should add them!

Inviting them will not only make YogaTrail a better resource for everyone else, but also will make Yoga Trail work better for you.

You’ll get all their class info and updates at your fingertips so that planning your practice becomes easy!

Their working on making YogaTrail better every day.

The Mobile App

Their proud to announce the release of the YogaTrail App for your mobile phone.

It’s powered by the entire YogaTrail database.

All your yoga providers on YogaTrail, are in there, too.

To say that the YogaTrail App is the best, most comprehensive and useful yoga planning app out there is no exaggeration.

It’s free and available for both iOS and Android.

Just Skip to the Download

Or Look at the What the App Does for You!


The YogaTrail App is Different

The YogaTrail App shows you detailed information for tens of thousands of yoga venues and teachers all over the world, not just the usual places.

This means the YogaTrail App is actually useful all over the world, not just in a few populated US cities.

YogaTrail is the World’s Yoga Network, all yoga providers including small independent yoga teachers and studios are welcome to add their listing and create a profile, for free.

YogaTrail has rapidly grown to become the place where yogis make themselves a home, and where yogis go to look for their practice.

That’s why the YogaTrail App already covers over 50,000 yoga venues and teachers all over globe,

Hundreds more are added every day.

Connecting Yogis with Yoga Providers

If your yoga teachers or studios aren’t on the app and on the site yet, it’s easy for you to invite them, straight from the app.

When they join you’ll be following them automatically.

All their classes will be available for you in your Class Guru, both on the app or on the site.

You’ll Never Miss Any News or Updates

The YogaTrail App notifies you whenever any of the teachers or places you follow add or cancel class, or publish a new event.

Just find the yoga providers that you want, and they will do the rest!

Get All Your Classes in One Place

Your Class Guru shows you all upcoming classes with the teachers and studios you follow, laying out your personal yoga options for the coming days or weeks in a simple way.

Whether your teachers work at different studios, or you like to go to several places for your yoga, planning your own yoga schedule is a breeze.

No more sifting through lots of schedules on different websites or Facebook pages just to find out what your yoga options are for a given day or week!

Getting to Your Class Guru

To get to your Class Guru, simply click the YogaTrail Logo in the header if you’re logged in to YogaTrail.

You can also click anywhere you see a “Home” link.

Filtering Your Class Guru

When you follow a teacher or studio, you get all their classes by default.

You can follow as many teachers and studios as you like.

1) Favoring

To favorite a class, click the little heart next to any class.

Then, to see only classes you’ve favorite, you can click the big heart in the Class Guru menu bar:

2) Filtering by Teacher or Venue

You can also filter classes by specific teacher or studio.

Click the filter icon at the top left of your Class Guru.

That way you can decide to see only classes from certain teachers or places:

Jumping to a Date

You can jump to a specific date in the future by clicking the small calendar icon in the menu bar:

Managing Your Teachers and Studios

To add or remove teachers or studios from your list of followers, you’ll find a link near the top that takes you there.

Class Guru on the YogaTrail Mobile App

Your Class Guru also carries over to the YogaTrail Mobile App.

The app is freely available for both iPhone and Androids, and it’s very handy for keeping up with your personal yoga world while you’re on the go.

Writing Reviews

Writing a review is the best way to support your yoga teachers or studios.

It’s also a great contribution to the yoga community and will help lots of yogis around the world find the right yoga experience.

Here’s how to leave a review on YogaTrail

1. Find your teacher or studio’s profile, and just click on the ‘Reviews’ tab. There you’ll find a ‘Write a Review’ button:

2. Click the blue button and on the next page, fill out your review:

  • Start by filling out the overall start rating by clicking the stars (you’ll see then fill up).
  • Move the meters to match your opinion on 6 different aspects
  • Come up with a title for your review
  • Write your comments

3. Once you’re done, you’ll need to click sign up and submit.

This will create you a yogi profile on YogaTrail, which you’ll then be invited to complete.

If you already have an account, simply click Log in instead.

People must sign up before they can post a review to protect all the businesses listed on YogaTrail from spam and potentially abusive reviews.

Otherwise, there’s no way of knowing who’s reviewed who, or to prevent people from reviewing the same person or place several times.

Accountability is important when somebody’s business and livelihood is on the line.

Changing your review

In the interest of fairness, people cannot review a place more than once.

If you’re not 100% happy with your review, you can simply leave a new review for the same profile.

The new review will overwrite your previous one.

After reviewing

you’ll also help your teacher or studio (a lot) by sharing your review on social media.

If your teachers or studios aren’t on YogaTrail yet, invite them here.

Email Preferences

You can decide exactly what emails you’d like to receive from YogaTrail, and which ones you’d rather not.

It’s handled in the “email preferences” section of your account management.

To get to your email preferences, hover your mouse over your thumbnail image in the top right of the blue header.

That will reveal a small menu with links to various places.

Select ‘Manage Account’.

From there, click the tab labeled “Emails”.

Pro tip: You can also get to your email preferences simply by clicking the “unsubscribe” link found at the bottom of every YogaTrail email.

On your email preferences tab, you’ll see various options and categories.

After making any changes, please remember to click “Save”.

They recommend that you keep “Alerts & Notifications” set to “On”, so as not to miss messages from other people, like your teacher or, if you are a teacher, emails from students or client inquiries.

Deleting Your Account

If you’re sure you want to have your account completely deleted from YogaTrail, you’ll find a button to do so on your “Manage Account” pages.

To go there, hover your mouse over your thumbnail image in the top right corner you have to be logged in, you’ll see a link to “Manage Account”.

Please understand that, unlike with Facebook or some other platforms, your account cannot be temporarily paused.

Deleting your account is permanent and can’t be undone.

If you delete your YogaTrail account

  • It’s irreversible
  • All your content (events, classes, reviews, followers, all images and information) will disappear
  • If you’re on a paid subscription, it will be canceled
  • Any review you may have left for someone else will be gone, too

If you simply feel like you’re getting too many emails from them, and would like to stay on YogaTrail but get fewer communications, please manage your email preferences (also found in “Manage Account”), or click the ‘Unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of any YogaTrail email.

YogaTrail App


What a great resource to have at your disposal.

I can only see Pros in using this app.

I have signed myself up to use this app and if I encounter any Cons I will report the fact.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this post or this site in general.

I will answer all the comments on my website personally so drop me a line below if you have any Yoga questions or comments.

I’m happy to help any way that I can.


Namaste Shane.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice.  Always consult your doctor or a dietitian before starting any fitness program or making any changes to your diet.

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