YogiFi Review 2021 (The Future of Yoga Is Here)

Unifying The Ancient Science of Yoga With Modern Technology:

Wellnesys, delivers yoga therapy and makes holistic wellness accessible for all. Wellnesys an Indian company based in Bangalore launched their product Yogifi in Las Vegas CES  technology expo.

I recently reviewed Pivot yoga a technological advancement using sensors in clothing. The Yogifi review is another option for the yoga tech world.I personally love the concept of technology and yoga joining forces. As yoga’s meaning is to yoke or to union.

It makes perfect sense for yoga a 5000-year-old practice to evolve in to yet another way of being relevant in 2020. Perfect for people who have little time for going to yoga classes. No excuses for you not to do a yoga session.

What You Need To Know About The Yogifi Mat:

  • YogiFi, a smart yoga assistant is to be recognized at CES 2020.
  • It’s been recognized as an Innovation Award Honoree.
  • The yoga mat uses AI and a mobile app to connect you with a virtual instructor and give you feedback on your movements.

Futuristic Mat:

The yogifi mat is the world’s first smart yoga assistant and is powered by an Intelligent Fitness Mat that has built-in sensors.

AI-powered smart yoga assistant YogiFi is to be recognized as an Innovation Award Honoree at CES 2020.

YogiFi is a smart yoga mat that uses AI and a companion mobile app to connect users with a virtual instructor, help you pick personalized programs and get real time feedback on yoga position.

It can also track your flexibility, strength, and balance and is available to students of all ages and abilities.

A YogiFi Press Release States:

YogiFi is being honored at CES 2020—the largest and most influential technology event on the planet—because of its advanced artificial intelligence platform and unique technology.

YogiFi uses AI to automatically recommend personalized wellness programs curated by certified yoga professionals.

The patented technology embedded in the YogiFi mat tracks yoga postures using pressure sensors that respond to touch and gives visual and haptic feedback for posture correction.

In addition to this real-time feedback,

YogiFi automatically correlates vitals and breathing patterns by pairing with devices such as as Apple Watch.

Where It All Started:

Ever since Graham Bell and Marconi invented telephone and radio respectively, life has never been the same.

Although they didn’t revolutionize things instantaneously they sure caused a ruffle thus signaling what was on the way.

Today, without wireless systems communications would grind to a halt. Connectivity is just notional; look at what broadband has done to wireless systems. Internet no more needs to be wired connectivity as there is wireless broadband service.

Some may not even be aware and knowledgeable about this. It is like an unrefined diamond, a treasure only if it was developed well. Most people might not realize this, but it is really unfortunate not to be able to realize such an important and great potential

Wireless systems have increasingly become the inseparable ingredients of our lives in the last century because of their instant installation capabilities. In addition to obviously cutting mammoth amounts of capital and time that was otherwise being wasted in erection and installation & commissioning.

But how big and expanded is the wireless systems industry? How much they touch our lives? If I am not stretching things too far, are we being controlled by wireless systems? Well, lets take a critical look at these issues which concerns us all.

Here Are The Basic Facts:

1) The internet is a very useful tool.

2) Human activities will eventually highly rely on the internet.

3) Only a few can highly maximize the functionality of the internet.

4) A lot of people are still not knowledgeable or even aware about the use of the internet.

Obviously, the trend and demand of the society is already moving toward inter connectivity using the internet. As already mentioned in the previous examples, this movement or development can actually be very beneficial to a lot of people.

Going back to one of the basic facts, however, not everyone can maximize these benefits. Some may not even be aware and knowledgeable about this. It is like an unrefined diamond, a treasure only if it is developed well.

The crystal ball for yoga


Most people might not realize this, but it is really unfortunate not to be able to realize such an important and great potential

Eventually, if the ideal vision of the future may be true, people will no longer need to unnecessarily go out of their houses just to go visit the doctor for a check-up or prescriptions or go to pharmacies to purchase medicines.

As a matter of fact, it is already happening right now. However, most who have access to these services are those that reside in western countries.

Hopefully, this development may spread throughout the globe the sooner the better. So that majority of the people, regardless of race, religion, and financial capability, can immediately enjoy its advantages and benefits.

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I’m happy to help any way that I can.


Namaste Shane.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice.  Always consult your doctor or a dietitian before starting any fitness program or making any changes to your diet.


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